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Vow of Obedience by Brianna Hale

Any time author Brianna Hale cranks out a new book I'm one of many foaming at the mouth for the first look. One of many, but I'm definitely the loudest. And I was lucky enough to snag a copy of Vow of Obedience, the second book in the multi-author anthology Cavalieri Della Morte.

This anthology is a modern day interpretation of the Knights of the Round Table and contains thirteen interconnected standalones that pair together dangerous assassins who will stop at nothing to get what they want and strong women who happen to cross their paths. And you're not going to be able to stop at just one read.

Blurb: Don’t cry, little girl. Daddy will forgive you.

The job was meant to be impossible, even for the Cavalieri Della Morte. Kill Adelmo Lange, the reclusive crime boss who murdered my brother.

Until her. Adelmo's daughter.

Branwen has taken a vow of silence to atone for her sins, but I don’t need her to say a word. She’s the bait that’s going to draw my target out.

Now she’s going to swear another vow. A vow of obedience. To me.

Together, we’re going to take down her father. If she does exactly what I tell her, she may even escape with her life.

Do as daddy says.

Review: I didn't used to read daddy kink. Not until Brianna Hale walked into my life and made it something hot and sinful and irresistible. And Vow of Obedience with our sexy, domineering Geraint who will stop at nothing to get his revenge has inched his way near the top of the list of her best daddy doms yet.

I'll admit that if you're looking for a battle of wills between Geraint and our silent heroine Branwen--she's taken a vow of silence to atone for her guilt--then you aren't going to happy with the result. Because while Branwen is strong in her own way, she's more than willing to bend over backward to please Geraint (I don't blame her one iota). Her strength isn't in how well she can fight back against her kidnapper. It's an inner strength that we learn to appreciate the more we get to know her.

But even though character in-fighting is slightly to a minimum there's still excitement and tension and secrets being revealed that keep the reader on the edge of her seat without that constant fighting between the hero and heroine, though I'll admit that's usually my favorite part of a romance novel. The chemistry between these two was immediate and satisfying throughout the entirety of the novel.

I actually truly adored that Geraint's need to take care of Branwen wasn't a slow build, but something that was evident in their relationship from the very first moment they met. He's gentle--for a Daddy Dom--and genuinely remorseful for the pain she's experiencing. And the way he speaks will make you want to curl up on the bed and say, "yes, daddy". At least, I hope that wasn't just me...

Fair warning, this book (and maybe the others in the series, though I haven't read them yet) touches a lot on religion, so if you're sensitive to that and don't want to think about hot, dirty sex while you're twisting your rosaries next then maybe this book isn't for you. But if you want Branwen to go down on those praying knees and tell Daddy she's sorry and beg for his forgiveness, then... okay, you're in the right place.

If you're already a fan of Brianna Hale then I'm not going to write this for you because you'd already have scooped this up before release day. If you're not a fan of Brianna Hale (YET) but love Daddy Doms, then great. You're going to have a delicious read if you pick this up. And if Daddy Doms aren't your think but you like the idea of the overall anthology, well, then buy this anyways because you'll learn to love it... just like everyone else. It's not an acquired taste. It's a way of life.

Pick up Vow of Obedience today for $2.99 or free on KU.


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