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Girls Weekend by C.M Nascosta

Blurb: A weekend with friends, fun in the sun, and huge, naked orcs. What could be better? That’s what three suburban elves think when they book a trip to an orc nudist resort, well known for its libidinous residents and hedonistic parties. The plan is to sample the DTF locals and work on their tans, not catch feelings.

Confident Ris is single and ready to mingle, insecure Lurielle is open to adventure, but has her reservations, and Silva...well, poor Silva was tricked into the trip in the first place. When Lurielle meets a syrupy-voiced gentleman who seems interested in more than just a weekend fling, she finds sticking to the plan is easier said than done.

From a public bathhouse to a back alley pub, the trip has unintended consequences on the lives of the three work friends and the orcs they meet. Can a weekend of no-strings sex actually end in love?

Review: Continuing on my orc-binge... we've come to a sweeter side of the hulking beasts with C.M. Nascosta's Girls Weekend. It was spicy (but you won't find the deeply erotic nature of some of the other monster romances out there) and adorable and cute and romantic.

I thought I'd be bothered by the multiple POVS (I have a hard enough time flipping between dual perspective hero/heroine story-telling), but I actually found it really easy to follow thanks to the distinct personalities of the three heroines. Each heroine was bold and quirky in their own way and different enough that I didn't feel like I was reading the same story three times over. The heroes and other men involved were all enticing in different ways and I was basically rooting for everyone the entire time.

Most of the book takes place over the one weekend, but it does carry further than that with those who gets HEAs (at least in those who get their HEAs in this book). I am very excited to see where Nascosta takes her characters because I have a feeling the next book might not be as low-drama as this one was.

If you like monsters (all the heroes in this are orcs and all the heroines are elves, but there are other species/races mentioned throughout) and orgies and sexy banter and steam baths and bonfires and nudist colonies... I mean, honestly...what's not to love here?

Free on KU. Stay tuned for information on the next installment & check out her website for access to her IG, Tumblr, and FB Groups with inspiration pictures and more.


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