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The Consumed Series by Alex Grayson

Blurb: Sexual addiction, exhibitionism, and voyeurism... Three best friends, three different wickedly delicious sexual needs. Lose your inhibitions and get ready for a wildly sexy ride...

Always Wanting

Abigail Summers is addicted to sex. Not by choice, but by her body’s demands. If she doesn’t have sex at least once a day, her body is wracked with unbearable withdraws. It’s not a lifestyle she chose for herself. When Colt Maverick walks into her life with his beautiful blue eyes, sexy as sin body, and possessive nature, she craves something more. Will he be enough to satisfy her insatiable desires? Bare Yourself Meet Teagan Zanders; fun-loving, sexy, and an exhibitionist. He enjoys having someone watch while he and his partners are giving and receiving pleasure. To him, it’s the ultimate high and extremely arousing. He’s never been tempted to settle down with one woman. That is, until he meets Willow Bennett. Now all he can think about is showing her just how good it could be if she lost her inhibitions and let him put her on display. Watching Mine Nathan is a watcher. There’s nothing more erotic than seeing desire on people’s faces as they writhe in pleasure or when their bodies tighten as they balance on the edge of ecstasy. He’s a loner, preferring to stay on the outside looking in. But from the first time he watched the woman in the apartment across from his, he knew she was different. She teases him with her soft touches and silent moans. Once he has her, there’s no way he’ll ever go back to simply watching.


This series was exactly what I needed to revamp my interested in the dark romance genre. Not that I was bored. But my library was starting to get a little repetitive with all the Daddy doms, spanking, and dubcon (not complaining! I reread my dark romances more than any other subgenre). But The Consumed Series is a delicious reminder of why the subgenre is a must read for everyone with eclectic sexual tastes.

I was particularly excited for the voyeurism story ft. Nathan, but all the stories were absolutely sexy, devilishy dirty, and somehow still sweet & romantic. I loved Grayson's take on the various kinks as well as her commitment to creating well-rounded characters outside of their sexual experiences. The bonds created between the heroes and the heroines are strong, respectful, and loving (and filthy as hell).

Each story is great in its own way, but you can't miss the opportunity to have the entire series in one collection. The Consumed Series is out now, so get to clicking:


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