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Don't Mess with the Gay Mafia (MM Mafia Romance Recommendations)

2024 started with me reading one MM mafia book and then I didn't see the light of day until about forty MM mafia books later. It was a dark and delightful time. I've selected the best of those to recommend to you here.

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The Kozlov Brothers series by Syn Blackrose

Book 1: Tied To You

Sebastian, who is incredibly broke and whose female fiancé spends faster than he can make, takes a job at a mafia bar working as a bartender as a last resort to avoid being evicted and immediately catches the eye of the obsessive, and murdery owner, Dima Kozlov. Dima doesn't give a shit that Sebastian has a fiancé (who is technically cheating on Seb) nor does he care that Sebastian claims to be 100% straight. He's going to have him.

This book wasn't my favorite but I liked it enough to go on to read the second in the series. My main complaint is that the writing was pretty stilted. The author seemed to avoid using contractions in dialogue which always bothers me. It features: bi-awakening, dubcon, blood play, knife play, exhibitionism in front of victims, and a whole lot more.

Book 2: Kill For You

Aaron was born into crime. He's working for his stepbrother, who he hates and who threatens to hurt him all the time. He also hears voices as a result of childhood trauma. This is basically a book where the mafia dude isn't corrupting an innocent, he'd trying to fend off an obsessed fan. Aaron is jealous, possessive, and loves everything our psychotic mafia man, Levi, doles out. Aaron needs Levi to kill off his brother or he'll never truly be free.

Of course, this book had the same issues as the first with the lack of contractions. I think a good editor or beta reader could fix that though and I have hope the author fixes this going forward. Still, I really enjoy fucked up characters so I think I'm willing to keep reading. My standards aren't as high as other people though. Some people really need that grammatical perfection whereas I can tune out small annoyances if shit is hot enough. It features: blood play, bdsm, age gap, lots of murder, violence, basically what you'd expect.

Dangerous Daddies series by April Jade

Book 1: Mad Love

This book was ridiculous. Like, so fucking over the top. And I loved it. Toby has Lupus, can't afford his medication, and occasionally sleeps in the gym locker room at his work. Unfortunately one night the billionaire boss of the company shows up and finds him there and...takes him home? Benjamin is a billionaire CEO dude by day and also a major player in the local mafia...somehow. He is obsessed with Toby but has no fucking clue how to show it without being a real weirdo about it. Unfortunately this is one of those books where the poor character doesn't want to take the billionaire's money, but it's still worth the read (even though that is my most hated trope). Ben basically tries to fistfight Lupus. Oh, and it's a Daddy romance with nipple sucking so... It also features: violence, kidnapping, gore, dubcon, and more.

Book 2: Wild Heart

This book features Toby's best friend who was present at his kidnapping. Marcos trauma bonds with the bodyguard after seeing him get shot. Ivan is obsessed with Marcos and has been for a while now. They're obsessed with each other and we get just as much Daddy stuff as the first book only Marcos calls Ivan, Papa. Marcos suffers anxiety attacks often and works a day job that he hates, being taken advantage of by his family (which Ivan is gonna put a stop to). Which is new to me. Lots going on here: age gap, size difference, blood play, anxiety attacks, cum play, marking, familiar abuse, violence, and more.

Ruthless Daddies series (1+2) by Various Authors

This is one of those compilation series where there's like 8-12 books by various authors all under the mafia daddy umbrella. I'm not going to give you the lowdown on each and every one that I read (which wasn't all of them, mind you, so even if I don't mention a specific book it doesn't mean it was bad) but I thought I'd list my favorites from the series for you to check out!

My favorites were: Trouble (now titled Bad Habits) by Skyler Snow and Brea Alepou (this is the book with peeing in the butt), Problems by Brea Alepou and Skylar Snow (this is the book where they come on Shepards Pie and make him eat it), Surrender by R. Phoenix, Midnight by April Jade, and Savage by Brea Alepou.

Vitale Brothers series by Brea Alepou and Skylar Snow

I liked the books was this duo in the Ruthless Daddies series, so when I saw they had this one too I immediately downloaded. I'm so happy I did! This series was so fucking good. Definitely a reread situation. In fact, I've already reread them twice since the first time. They're delightfully unhinged goodness.

Book 1: Take Me Apart

Features a detective, Tex, trying to take down a mob family and make a name for himself and the youngest brother of the trio, Enzo. Enzo is...likely autistic (I honestly can't remember if the book actually said he was, it's mentioned in a later book, or if I read it speculated in a review, but he's definitely neurodivergent in some way) and also the one the family relies on to extract information from enemies. Enzo likes order and cleanliness. He needs everything just so. He struggles with noise and has sensory processing issues. So his job is basically a nightmare for him. When Tex crosses paths with Enzo it's game over for Enzo. He's going to take the cop apart and keep him. Whatever the price, he'll pay it. Featuring: violence, stalking, torture, childhood abuse, kink, a cute cat.

Book 2: Paid in Full

THE BIG, BAD MAFIA DUDE IS THE BOTTOM TO A POOR, EXTREMELY HUNG VIRGIN BOY HE BOUGHT AT AN AUCTION. FUCK THIS WAS KINKY. FUCK NOW I HAVE TO REREAD THIS BEFORE I CAN CONTINUE WITH THIS BLOG. Features: abusive parent (dad sells son to auction), on page violence, gore, torture, Gin buys him and requires him to work off his debt which won't be for everyone (Gin isn't a hero, remember. He's a villain and he doesn't really understand people that well), and more.

Book 3: Say I Do

Benito agrees to marry a member of a rival mafia family to tie their families together, but at the last minute the demure daughter he is supposed to marry is swapped out with a feral son who literally bites limbs off people. Harlow didn't want to marry Benito, but now that he's here he doesn't want Benito's eyes on anyone but him. And he'll murder to make that happen. Featuring: two psychotic individuals, knife play, so much violence, a femme, dress and panty wearing hero who doesn't give a shit what others think, breath play, hate-to-love, and more.

Gianpaolo has been uncover in the FBI for years and the entire time he's been crushing on his completely untouchable boss, York Washington. But now he's been found out and put York and his daughters at risk in the process. York hates his guts, wants him gone, but Gianpaolo will do anything to protect the man who has stolen his heart, no matter how much York despises him. Much hate sex. Features: enemies to lovers (one-sided), pining, single dad, on page violence and gore, suspense. Read trigger warnings.

God of Fury by Rina Kent

This was perhaps one of those books where reading the entire series would have been beneficial because I definitely didn't understand the general setting or the side characters (the other books are all MF to my knowledge), but the romance itself was fabulous. It's family enemies-annoyance-lovers between a playful boy with a lot of rage and a boy with a deep, dark secret that he's been keeping for a long, long time. Trigger Warning: Child Sxx Abuse, Self-Harm, and more. Please read with caution.

Mobsters + Billionaires series by Kelly Fox

Okay, this is an author whose books (much to my dismay) should probably be read in publication order. It's not required, of course, but after not doing that, and then restarting and reading the correct way, I've realized how much better the books are when you understand the full cast of background characters. However, these are some of the most unique mafia books I've read in a long time so if you're only going to read's fine. You'll get by. You'll have a great time.

Book 1: Extradition

     Do you find billionaires unethical? Great, so does Joe...which is why he lays into his company's CEO during a company-wide conference and gets fired. Only now the stock has taken a hit and Rand Wolfe, former Alpha male who was horrifically embarrassed by some low-on-the-totem-pole guy in his company, is forced to ask Joe back to help him rework the company's image before everything he cares about disappears. And Joe's mafia family is also trying to hold Rand for ransom or kill him or whatever.

  Book 2: Protection

     An adorable billionaire with a penchant for wearing giant puffy coats and trying to avoid being killed by whoever is stalking him. After one particularly bad stalker scare, Mads Laghari finally caves and agrees to hire Anthony, the head of a local security firm and the consigliere to one of the city's scariest mobsters. Anthony is rule followers, not a law breaker. He does everything by the legal book, despite his involvement with the local mafia. But when it comes to Mads... Anthony is willing to do anything--legal or not--to save the man he loves.

  Book 3: Attraction

     Luca took over the local mafia branch (is it a branch? lol) when his father died and he's done everything to bring it to the right side of the law (for the most part--he's still a mobster at the end of the day). When he meets Ford--bow-tie wearing, virginial billionaire Ford--he knows he wants him for keeps. But after a string of bad and sometimes violent exes, Ford is a bit skittish about getting into a relationship, especially with someone as big and fierce as Luca, but Luca just wants to treasure Ford. Also, Ford might be a virgin but he can take a huge dildo... and it's definitely not one of those books where you feel their virginity is all the other guy likes about them. The virginity is actually handled like it's just a normal thing (with a slight bit of possessiveness but come on...he's mafia).

 Book 4: Distraction

     OH MY GOD. THIS BOOK. Trafficked as a young boy and rescued from a halfway house by his brothers, Hopper is an impulsive, violent, and exceptionally kind and loving individual. And he has a fixation. Liam is the FBI agent that has been has been trying to take down Hopper's family for a year now and Hopper could not be more smitten. He's sure that Liam is the one for him and he's going to do whatever it takes to get Liam to see that...even get him fired and sleep in his attic and stalk him and let him point a gun at him while giving him a BJ. Like he said, whatever it takes.

     This duet is incredibly dark. Please read trigger warnings carefully. Roan is a college student just trying to live a quiet life dedicated to his music. He comes from a wealthy family, but dreams of getting away from everything they represent. But instead he's kidnapped and held for random by a group of merciless Russians, including their deadly enforcer Sasha. Sasha wants nothing more than to get his money and ditch the beautiful boy who is making him feel things that could put him in real danger from his people. But then Roan's father declines to pay the ransom, leaving Roan in his captors hands and Sasha with a big problem. Featuring: violence between MCs, internalized homophobia, external homophobia,

The DiFiore Mafia series by Joel Abernathy

 Book 1: Ghost

     When Enzo, the future don of his family, attempts to rescue a stranger he ends up accidentally killing the District Attorney's son. And worse, he's the number one suspect. His family turns to Echo, a man known for making any and all problems disappear...for a price. It turns out that price is Enzo's complete and total submission. (Warning: the book was tagged as pet play but it has the tiniest amount of pet little I probably wouldn't even bother mentioning it).

 Book 1: Devil

     Valentine is the person you'd expect least to be the member of a notorious mafia family. He's sensitive, emotional, thoughtful, and soft. He's on the path to becoming a doctor, but one night an old friend ends up in his ER. The friend doesn't make it, but he does leave him with a secret...a secret that's going to get Valentine killed. Malcolm is a corrupt police officer asked to keep watch over Valentine by his brother, so he does so reluctantly. But reluctance quickly turns to possessive feelings and Malcolm will do whatever it takes to protect what's his.

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