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KU Novellas to Help You Hit Your 2022 Reading Goals

Need some last minute help achieving your 2022 reading goals? Here are some novellas I read recently (up to 200 pages) that you can grab on KU and sneak in under the wire.

I personally enjoyed every book (or author) on this list for different reasons. Some books were genuinely spectacular writing. Some books just served to entertain me endlessly (looking at you Jessa Kane). I listed out all the tropes, so hopefully you find something that tickles your fancy.

It's the laziest post ever--there are no links--but you can grab them all or none or some on Kindle Unlimited and let me know your thoughts.


Holiday Games / Hotel Games by Cat Wynn (MF)

Holiday Games: Forced proximity, only-one-room, strangers, cute kitten

Hotel Games: forced proximity, mean-banter-to-fucking, best friend's brother

Literally any Jessa Kane book (MF)

Every trope under the sun, over the top everything, weird shit

Tinsel and Tentacles by Kate McDarris (MMF)

Bodyguard + personal assistant + rockstar with tentacles

Just a Bit...series (13 books) by Alessandra Hazard (MM)

All bi-awakening, trope-tastic, ridiculous, sexy as fuck

Sightlines by Neve Wilder (MM)

Sweet, one-night-stand to something more, photographer, New Year's kiss

The Stopping Place by Lily Morton (MM)

Age gap, hurt/comfort, surfer meets business dude

Skin by Aveda Vice (MF Monster)

Dual monsters, bodyguard and client, she can tell feelings by touching others

Satisfying by Onley James (MM)

Naked, former virginal man dressed as an elf accuses non-Santa of cheating on the wife he doesn't have

Pretty Human by Ruby Dixon (MF Alien)

Rich alien dude sees human slave and decides he's going to keep her

Regifted: Ganged by the Ghosts of Christmas by J.L. Logosz & Vera Valentine

Women gets fucked by four ghost dudes here to deliver a Christmas message

The Sweetest Fix by Tessa Bailey

Petite dancer tries to use plus-sized man's connections but falls for him instead


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