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Returning to Eden by Katy Ames

I was typing out Katia Rose's Author Spotlight the other night when I received an email from an author requesting my reviewing talents on her book Returning to Eden. I thought to myself, 'That sounds familiar... I wonder if I've read it already." I agreed and got back to typing out the spotlight only to do a double take when I got to the part about what Katia's been reading lately. Next on her list: Returning to Eden! What a funny coincidence.

Blurb: A conversation I was never supposed to hear. A bargain I had no right to make. A promise I couldn’t break, no matter the consequences.

It cost me what I love most. Her. I know Eden thinks it’s all my fault. And it is. But it’s hers, too. Because she ran, vanished, before I had a chance to explain. Before I had a chance to tell her the one thing that could’ve saved us.

Now she’s back and I’m determined to make up for all the years we lost. Determined to win back the woman who’s always been mine... Consequences be damned.

Review: Returning to Eden wasn't a happy-go-lucky lighthearted read, but it was a good one. It's the sort of book that drags you in and holds you down, force feeding you good writing and plot lines that make your stomach clench with anxiety. A few times I had to pull the book away and take a couple deep breaths because I was experiencing the character's emotions far too deeply for comfort. But just when you think there's no way that you can take anymore pain, Katy Ames gives you hope.

Second chance romances always make me more nervous than typical romances because there's constantly that underlying reminder that--for some reason--the relationship didn't work out the first time, and there's a chance that whatever tore it apart before is waiting just around the corner to do it again. Eden and Jude have more than their share of reasons for losing it all those years ago and I genuinely wondered a couple times whether they'd get it together enough to give it another chance.

Or even whether it was good for either of them to do so. Some relationships fail for very good reasons, some that even time, distance, or good explanations can't fix.

I liked Eden. She was a hard-working woman who did what she could to turn her life around after everything fell apart. She wasn't perfect and she made lots of mistakes, but she did the best she could. All you can hope for in a main character, honestly. I rooted for her the entire time, and the spiteful, selfish part of me totally agreed with her actions.

Jude tried so hard to be a good guy but ultimately it was at his hand that their relationship died a quick, painful death and Eden spent the rest of her life running from the pain of it. I found it difficult to forgive him, even after hearing his side of things, but teenagers make stupid decisions, so as the story went on I found the strength to let go of the second-hand anger I was feeling.

Returning to Eden took me an afternoon to start and finish. I needed to know how Eden and Jude could possibly put aside their past to form a future together. For a while it just didn't seem possible! Katy Ames has a way with words that had me on a bumpy roller coaster of emotions. Just when I was getting comfortable and thinking that there was finally a resolution to the drama she went and threw another wrench into the plans. This book will keep you on your toes, but it's worth the ride if you want honest characters and plot with heart.

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