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Playing Defense (The Rebels #2) by Julia Clarke

This is the second book in The Rebels series by Julia Clarke. My review of the first book can be found here. Spoiler alert: it's gooooood.

Blurb: Scoring a coaching job with the Rebels was supposed to be a dream come true, a step toward achieving my goal of being the first female NFL head coach. But when three sexy-as-hell players blitzed their way into my life, I got distracted. I took my eye off the ball. And I’m at risk of losing it all, even the sport I love.

Now, the one thing that’s kept me grounded, kept me focused, is the last thing that could possibly bring me comfort. Because when it comes to Xavier, Colt, and Tristan, the lines are blurred. The rules—questioned.

I may be their coach on the field, but in matters of the heart, I’m playing defense.

Review: I truly enjoyed the first book in the series, but I have to say that this one really blew me out of the water. I assume it's because the "get to know each other" part is over and now we're well into the "will they or won't they get it on" part which--come on--is the best part of any book. The sexual tension in Playing Defense is off the charts. And, y'all know I'm spoiler-free, but there's a little bit of kink going on here (won't tell you who though) and I'm foaming at the damn mouth for more details on that.

Blake is just as frustratingly focused on her job as she was in book one, but she's slowly beginning to realize that no one can resist the attentions of three gorgeous men for long. Mad props to her for outlasting most of us readers at this point. I probably would have said "see ya job, I'm getting laid" on page four of the first book and then lived off the three rich football stars for the rest of my days.

Getting to know the boys more was absolutely spectacular. I wasn't sure who I'd grow to like most during the first book, but now I'm solidly team Colt. Of course, this is a reverse harem book (for those who don't know it means 1 girl, many men... but usually they don't have sex all together. THEY CAN THOUGH) so I don't really have to choose which one I like more. But damn, there's something about that man that has me all in a tizzy.

These books are light on the sex (some hot kisses, some--re:LOTS--of sexual tension, and a lot of talking about what they want to do). They're not erotica by any means which many reverse harems tend to lean towards, so if you like sex but don't want it shoved in your face constantly (uh, why not? problem to solve on a different day there) then these novels are perfect for you.

And if you don't like sports, it doesn't matter whatsoever. The books make some references, but everything is laid out easy to understand. As long as you like hot men, you'll be totally fine.

The book drops April 23rd, so pre-order today. It's a total winner.


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