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Out of the Blue by Lila Rose

I didn't know what I was missing before M/M/M romances came into my life. I've dabbled recently with M/F/M romances, but damn, this was another level. Out of the Blue by Lila Rose was quite the trip.

Blurb: At forty, Lan Davis is looking for his damned picket fence and 2.5 kids. What he doesn’t expect is instead of a wife in the picture, his mind keeps conjuring up images of two men. One, his partner in the force, who is as straight as they came, the other an ex, who he’d hurt but never forgot.

After an incident leaves Lan injured, the two men rally around him… only maybe they shouldn’t have. It seems a medicated Lan is a truthful one.

Parker Wilding is pissed at the world. His anger builds when his partner refuses medical care after an attack. Instead, Lan entrusts his neighbour to take care of him—a guy Parker doesn’t trust. While he’s aware they share a history, when the past is revealed, the truth shocks the hell out of him.

Being emotionally crushed ten years ago, Easton Ravel hoped he would never have to see the man who broke him again. Hope is a fickle b*itch. And now he’s not sure how to handle being face-to-face with the man he once loved. Add in the mix the annoying, testy Parker, and Easton finds his limits are pushed.

Just not in the way he thought they would be. What happens next sure does come out of the blue.

Review: I was a little discombobulated at first keeping track of three male perspectives, but reading the little name at the top of each chapter (something you're supposed to be doing anyways) helped me keep things straight. And, after a while, I got to know each of their charming personalities and it got even easier.

Easton, Lan, and Parker were all so different from one another, each with their own faults, but the more they interacted with one another the more they evened one another out. Easton's shy, easy-going personality; Lan's desperation to keep his sexuality underwraps; and Parker's confusing first-time feelings for a man, well, two of them--they all brought something to the table that made the book special.

Reading about the dynamic between three men is a totally different experience from reading about two men, something I'll admit I've been reading a lot of lately. I loved that each character had unique ways of expressing themselves and interacting with the other two men. I think that the book easily could have slipped into monotony with three male perspectives, but it was completely the opposite.

I figured Out of the Blue was just going to be about the relationships between our leading men (which wouldn't have been a bad thing), but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lila Rose slipped in some subplots along the way to keep me on my toes. Lots of action, lots of drama, and lots of excitement.

I'll admit I was a little confused with all the characters (and all their very strange names), but it was obvious that there were other books that I haven't read yet in the same series--books that I'm sure would explain all my questions to me. It didn't detract too much from the story, however, and I'll certainly go back and figure out what I was missing before a reread of Out of the Blue.

All in all, this book was exactly what you'd expect--and hope for--from a book about the love of three men. Explosively hot and packed full of sex. My absolutely favorite part was the seemingly straight Parker discovering that his sexuality is a spectrum, not one point on a line. Spoiler alert: there's some too-die-for inner dialogue on that.

I think I've found my next obsession. The more men the merrier, in my opinion. To purchase Lila Rose's Out of the Blue click here (but remember to check out her other books if you're jumping in for the first time).


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