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10 Sci-Fi Reads That Made Me Go...Am I Really Attracted to That?

Here are 10 sci-fi/alien romances that I have read in 2022 so far. They range from your basic-bitch-alien-shit to what-the-fuck-is-that-a-space-scorpion-shit. Please note the following descriptions are my own and not those of the actual author of the book. You want the real blurbs you'll have to click the link.


Alien female with high sex drive and a dislike of men from her own alien race avoids being mated by rogue evil men by trading engineering skills for sex with male robots in a brothel.

Alien scorpion kidnapped and genetically modified by evil scientists falls in love with human woman being used as bait and breeding purposes and vows to help her escape.

Human woman accidentally kidnapped by bad aliens is tossed onto a strange alien planet and forced to find refuge with three hot, bald, grey, four-armed alien men who want her to join their harem. Four book series.

Ugly, unsocialized alien male (who happens to be cloned from the DNA of an evil, violent gladiator) with zero people skills must be rehabilitated by social worker human female or risk being euthanized.

Heroine's friends create a fake dating advertisement for her and it's answered by a hideous alien creature who is self-conscious about his looks but winds up being really, really good at sex. This is a short novella/prequel to a series.

Naga aliens (aka. snake aliens) living on what was formally Earth trade technology to bad men in exchange for human women so they can stop being so lonely and make babies.

Human woman and birdman with space eyes agree to be married to help protect her human colony from bad aliens. She's his mate, he's her...weird bird mate. Warning: mature communication and conflict resolution.

Human woman kidnapped crash lands on planet and is forced to marry a local for protection due to lack of women on planet. She chooses alien considered ugly by his people who is convinced heroine is a hitwoman sent to kill him because she thinks he's hot.

Hot 1/3 spider, 1/3 cyborg, 1/3 human takes on human assistant against his will and better judgement and is annoyed that she keeps trying to befriend him because he doesn't want to show her his creepy nest.

Alien kidnapped by American government escapes and hides in the back of heroine's car and then forces her to go on the run with him to find his space ship and get over her cheating ex-boyfriend.

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