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Romance Authors Whose Books Are So Good I Want To Make Them My Friends

And hey, maybe this post will make them take notice of me and befriend me and send me their books way before anyone else gets them and then I message them immediately after I read it asking for the next one and they tell me I have to wait and now it's the same as reading it like everyone else...sigh. Okay. I'm done.

Anyways, here's some authors I've read recently whose books were so fucking good I immediately set upon tagging them, stalking them (in a legal, non-threatening way), and talking about them to everyone...and who I wish to befriend in a non-weird, book-loving way.

Click the title to be directed to a purchasing link.


Onley James | Necessary Evils Series

Okay. Hear me out. Serial killers, but make them sexy. Oh? Dexter already did that? Okay, well take a family of psychopathic serial killers and make them all sexy. And then make them all interested in men. Oh. And throw in a dash of also twist you around and have you questioning whether love is really what you think or whether love is really what you make it. And also lots of kinky fucking. My dream in life is to bother Onley James enough that she writes me into her book as a side character who gets murdered because she's sick of me DMing her.

Regine Abel decided she wanted to write a monster romance and then also wanted it to be adorably weird, but then decided she was going to make it the most mature arranged marriage situation ever. In the entire universe. These two communicate! About everything! What? How? They even discuss their expectations of sex and how their different anatomies work and how their different cultures operate and I fucking finished this book feeling like a better person. But also lizard dick. And so, Regine Abel is going to be my friend because I need her around to tell me to stop being stubborn and talk to my husband.

I have three months of this trial with KU. I should be reading everything I can get my hands on and trying new books and authors. Instead I'm rereading this Sweetverse series because fuck it's good. And when my KU runs out I'm gonna buy it too. A motorcycle club that never thought they'd be chosen by a coveted omega meets Baby and decide to worship the very ground she walks on. Unique story in which she doesn't mate with all the members of the pack, just the ones she chooses, and they all love her so much and it makes my heart hurt with aw. And also knotting and threesomes and communication and a fun sweetverse that's more romantic than most omegaverse stories out there. And Moon also has a book about fucking robots... and so she must be my friend. Her mind is a beautiful place.

Ruby Dixon | Risdaverse Series

I've got quite the lady boner for ugly men who think a woman will never love them and have given up hope. And then the heroine comes in and is like, "Fuck you're hot and your grump turns me on." Mmmm. Yes. This particular book wasn't my favorite but it's the novella that sets the scene for the books that take place surrounding the human refugee planet Risda. My favorites in this series were When She Dances and Worse Guy. And who wouldn't want Ruby as a friend... do I even need to really explain?

Alexis Hall | Boyfriend Material

Alexis Hall took fade-to-black and made me like it. So obviously he's shooting to the top of the list of authors I want to be friends with. He also took fake-dating and rockstar('s son)--two tropes I don't really trend towards--and made me fall in love, so double points. ANNNNND, I just got a copy of his upcoming release (fall 2022) Husband Material and I'm torn between wanting to read it immediately and wanting to edge myself with it for the next six months. Decisions, decisions. Anyways, I love grumpy/sunshine, but insecure grumpy/uptight grumpy is like a balm to my chapped heart. Yum.

Lily Morton | Rule Breaker

Another MM romance but now it's grumpy/sunshine. Smart aleck secretary and grumpy, uptight boss collide in a book that made me screaming with delight and then go out and buy up Lily's entire backlist and then I added her to my insta-buy list which is a pretty small list of authors and now I read her books immediately and then weep that they're done with. Lily must be my friend because no one who writes that hilarious of banter/dialogue in their books can be boring in real life and I need that excitement in my life.

Ann Aguirre | Strange Love

Anyone who writes a book where the heroine sticks her fingers into the dickless hero's neck flaps to jerk him off must be my friend. That's in the fine print of my user manual. 'Nuff said.

Shelly Laurenston | The Mane Event

My friend bought me this book back in 2008 and it is what turned me onto the shifter scene. The series starts sexy and funny and as the books continue on they become some of the best world-building I've ever read. If you like tigers fucking bears, and bears fucking wolfdogs, and lions fucking humans, and lions fucking lions gotta read this series. It's epically hot. And Shelly seems like a tells-it-like-it-is but also with a hint of humor kind of person and her newsletters are always really long and I kinda feel like we're already friends. Plus her dragon-fucking series is like Lord of the Rings level world-building and I'm absolutely stunned that more people haven't heard of it. So if you like bad-ass murderous heroines who fucking dragons or are dragons, depending on the book then... yeah.

Emily Henry | Book Lovers

Oh boy. This book had me laughing out loud so many times I thought I was gonna pass out. You know the Other Woman in every romance novel? She's the big city ex-girlfriend who wears heels and refuses to show emotion? Yeah, this is her book. And it's fucking delightful and sexy and definitely Henry's best work yet. And my mom and I get to interview her for our new show Blaze Boudoir so I actually have a real chance of making this literary genius my friend. Stay tuned.

I've been chasing the high of this book every since I read it. Shifter heroine w bum leg goes into heat for the first time and her "wolf" chooses the alpha of her pack. But he isn't interested and publicly humiliates and rejects her. And then he fucking regrets it so fucking hard and has to win her back and it's delicious. Muahaha. I then read her motorcycle club series because her writing style is quick, fun, and dirty with possessive alphas who love their women so hard. And Cate's name and my name (Kate) are like... the same, so maybe if we become friends some of her writing talent will mistake me for her and I'll syphon it off her like a succubus.

Anyone who brings their gargoyle-fucking-fantasy to life in book-form is someone I want to be friends with. Like...that's a mind I want to be around, ya know? I don't have to explain it to you. You understand. Plus, Lillian seems like a really, really nice person and she's also a big fan of the Orc books by Finley Fenn so we'll already have something to talk about when we hang out.


Long story short. Be my friend and you'll get access to witty banter, bookish conversation, and dialogue about weird dicks. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


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