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What's In A Name by Angela Breen

Blurb: After divorcing her abusive husband, Rachel Montgomery’s life is finally coming together. With the new management position, she can support her four children on her own and move out of her aunt’s place. The sudden promotion comes with a catch: someone is using her new beeper to torture her with sick messages all hours of the day and night. Terrified to tell anyone about the beeper calls, Rachel suffers in silence. She could lose her job and who would believe her anyway?

Frank Tench, arrives in town as Rachel’s life explodes. As a Supervisory Special Agent of the BAU, he’s teaching the local cops about FBI methodology.  His plan to use road school to hide from the drama of his own divorce backfires when he meets Rachel. Fiery as she is fascinating, thoughts of Rachel haunt him, but when he’s asked to look into her best friend’s disappearance, he has to choose between his career and Rachel’s safety.

The moment Frank and Rachel get intimate, however, is a rude awakening–complete with its own graphic beeper message. Not only is she the killer’s next target, but he knows everything about her: where she lives, where she works, and where her children play. And now he’s pissed.

Review: What's In A Name was like the Netflix show Mindhunter meets a romance novel. The book was nice blend of true crime, suspense, and romance that definitely kept my attention and intrigue as I tried to figure out what was going to happen.

My only complaint was that there was a lot going on in the book (escape from an abusive relationship, working with an ex-wife, girls going missing, the heroine being stalked, the hero being targeted, a suspicious boyfriend, a crazy serial killer, etc) and at times it felt like maybe the story was being pulled in a few too many directions, but it wasn't so convoluted that I couldn't follow along. I just felt the book had enough content for a mini-series.

There were lots of twists and turns to the mystery and I enjoyed the dialogue (it sort of felt like I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds at times with all the FBI lingo and tracking down a murderer). I don't know that the information was true to reality re: how the FBI actually operates, but it certainly sounded like it was legit, so kudos to the author.

I, also, occasionally felt like I was more invested in the serial killer aspect than I was interested in the romance between our heroine and the FBI agent hero. They sort of fell to the wayside for me at various points throughout my reading. Not that the romance didn't add to the overall story, I just didn't care as much about it as I cared about who was killing people and why. So, if you're looking for a hot, spicy romance this probably won't be your jam, but if you enjoy romantic suspense novels where the romance shares the limelight almost 50/50 with the mystery then I can see this being a hit.


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