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Weird Shit Katie Read This Weekend

I follow this Facebook page where a lovely woman spends a lot of time finding and alerting the members of free romance novels on Amazon. At first it was fabulous, but now I've found myself downloading every book she shares and my Kindle is extremely overloaded.

Also, downloading without scruples leads to some weird stuff ending up on your TBR list. I'm not saying it's bad, just... weird. And the weird was starting to pile up and I decided to dig deep and read some of it. So, welcome to a post about the random books I selected to read this weekend while I suffered from a terrible migraine.

Melinda is a sheep-farming bank teller whose life is lacking some excitement. When three handsome bank robbers break into her bank and take her hostage she doesn't cower in fear, she joins their team.

This was a silly, romantic comedy with some exceptional hot M/M/M/F scenes. You heard me, three guys and one girl. Three moody, temperamental, controlling, handsome men and one slightly over-dramatic woman. I won't say this was an amazing read--a little cheesy... okay, maybe a lot cheesy--but I laughed and got a little heated. (Part of a series).

Last year Jane was kidnapped along side a presidential candidate's daughter. She's a victim. Too bad most of the world thinks she's an accomplice to the kidnappers. Now she's a target. Even her own bodyguard doesn't believe she's innocent.

This book was good! I mean, it wasn't an easy-going read with sunshine and daisies, but boy did it keep me on the edge of my seat. Every time I thought things were turning around for Jane there was something waiting right around the corner to knock her back down again. Amazingly written and stunningly anxiety-provoking. (Part of a series).

Book Three: Bound to You

Sophie is a professional concierge. If rich people want something, she can acquire it for them. But when Xavier Quinn, the sexy CEO with cash to burn, purchases her concierge services he wants her attention on him and him alone.

There's some kink here: a little BDSM, a little control. This book was a drawn out game of cat and mouse, but the author is good at keeping you interested in what happens next. Your typical billionaire romance, yes, but it was well-written and entertaining.

Shaelyn returns to New Orleans to take care of her grandmother. She definitely doesn't want to run into her high school sweetheart who totally betrayed her and shattered her heart into a million pieces twelve years ago. But, alas, meddling grandmothers and desperate nephews bring Shaelyn and her cop ex back together again.

There's almost nothing better than a hot, cocky cop. Maria Luis is a fabulous writer who writes some damn good characters. I'm not usually super into second-chance romances but I was rooting for Brady and Shaelyn to figure their shit out.

Book Five: Operation Dragon

Ari Colton is a matchmakers for supernatural beings. It doesn't matter whether they have tentacles or howl at full moons or, hell, don't even have human forms. They all deserve a chance at love.

This book came out of left fucking field, y'all. I've read G. A. Aiken's dragon series in which dragons have human forms and there's a ton (and I mean a ton) of hot sex, but I've never read a story where one of the characters is half-chicken, half-dragon and the other doesn't even have a human form. And Ari's husband has tentacles and it should be weird, but I honestly want to know more about how he makes use of those in the bedroom. This series seems like anime porn come to life and in the words of Mindy from The Mindy Project: "Anime porn is a victim-less crime."


So, there you have it. These five free downloads are how I spent my weekend. Some of them are still free, some of them now cost money, but if you enjoy my very brief reviews on them give them a more in-depth look online. (And if you download them for free make sure that you still leave reviews. Reviews are insanely important for authors.) I think I might make "Katie reviews free romance novel downloads" a reoccurring blog post because it sort of tickled my fancy and I download a lot of these.


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