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The Sweetest Fix by Tessa Bailey

Blurb: Reese dreams of seeing her name in lights on Broadway, but so far she has only graced the used car parking lots of rural Wisconsin. With her window of opportunity shrinking fast, a miracle happens. She wins an audition with Bernard Bexley, Broadway’s most respected dance choreographer. When disaster strikes and Reese misses the audition, she has to find another way in front of Bernard, otherwise face the disappointment back home.

Following the sage advice of a Times Square Pikachu—Reese seeks out Bernard’s son, prepared to beg for his aid, never expecting mega sparks to fly between her and the gentle giant baker. With Reese’s heart now involved, she refuses to use Leo to her advantage and tries to walk away before her ulterior motives are exposed, but gravity continues to draw them back together…until it’s impossible to stay apart.

But Reese’s lie of omission can only stay buried for so long. When Leo finds out how their relationship started, will Reese keep her ultimate role as Leo’s leading lady? Or will the curtain fall on their real-life fairytale?

Review: I love Tessa Bailey. Search my previous reviews and you'll find evidence of that scattered all over this blog. In my eyes she can do no wrong, which probably makes me a very biased source...but, that said, The Sweetest Fix is going to go down in history as one of my favorites.

I love alpha males who ooze confidence and charm and fit, muscle-y, healthy dudes with perfect bodies who never seem to spend any time in the gym as much any other person who swings in that sexual direction. Those guys are magical. But sometimes you just need a beautiful hunk of a man with meat on his bones who has insecurities like a normal guy. And Leo (the big pouty, introverted grump of a hairy man bear that slid out of Tessa's perfect, filthy brain) is exactly what the doctor ordered. You want a plus-sized hero who enjoys sampling his bakery wares and struggles to talk to people? You got it. You want a hero who falls hard for the gorgeous, talkative dancer and would do anything for her? CHECK.

Reese is adorable, dedicated, passionate, friendly, and totally down on her luck. I resonated with her do-whatever-it-takes attitude and also with her inability to ignore her conscience. She never once had anything but positive things to think or say about Leo which was so refreshing (their interactions were just so positive and happy!) I was rooting for her the entire time, even when she nearly broke my heart a couple times there.

This is an insta-love relationship that moves fast and furious, so if that isn't your thing you might not vibe with this book (I happen to adore insta-loves because the passion is so intense). The connection between Reese and Leo leaps off the page. There's not doubt they're made for one another and the way they help each other learn and better themselves made their relationship all the sweeter.

The Sweetest Fix was just gahhhhhh. Amazing. There was a hint of drama hanging over the plot the entire time, but it only made it so wonderfully exciting to read. I was on edge the entire time wondering when the beans were going to be spilled and not disappointed by the end result (which fed my intense need for conflict between MCs). Immediately after finishing I went right back to reread my favorite parts and drew out the swooning for another twenty minutes.

It's free on Kindle Unlimited or a mere $3.99 for us non-KU readers and I strongly suggest you scoop it up.


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