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Stupid Shit People Say About Romance Novels & How You're Probably Responding

One of the worst parts about reading romance novels is having to hear the constant opinions of those who have never read a romance novel.

Below are a collection of stupid shit people deign to say to us romance readers and the best way to respond to those inane comments:

Aren't those like porn?

You actually like those books?

Why don't you read a real book?

Wow, you must be obsessed with sex.

Aren't you embarrassed to read those?

What does your boyfriend/husband think about you reading those books?

That's one of those dirty books, right?

I heard those books give women unrealistic expectations about guys.

Why don't you read something intellectual?

Just kidding. This is the correct response:

Don't let anyone ever give you shit about your reading choice. If they try, well, you know where to send them.


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