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Slay Belles and Mayhem: A Medley of Dark Tales

This was a really fun anthology by a variety of dark romance authors. Some of the stories were dark and funny, some were dark and sweet, and some were dark and dark. I think there's a little something for all dark romance readers here from the lighter side of things to the deeply kinky side. You're sure to find a new author or two among the talented authors who put this anthology together.


Glass Cage by Anna Edwards

This was a captivating novella that, wonderfully, did not end on a cliffhanger. I always appreciate that in an anthology because, though I understand the reasoning behind enticing readers through a partial story I hate not knowing how things end. In this novella, an evil witch traps the heroine Nyah within a glass cage until the timing is perfect to marry her, take her virginity, and drain her youth. But there's another male witch on the scene and he's willing to do whatever it takes to rescue Nyah from her glass prison.

Bearskin by Brianna Hale

I am a huge fan of shifter romances, so I have to say that this novella was the best of the bunch for me. This novella was more romantic than dark. It had dark themes but those themes remained outside the relationship between the hero and heroine. Our hero, Balen, was such a protective alpha male and I swooned every time he spoke. The fated mates trope did away with any eye-rolling at the insta-love between our two lovebirds and the whole novella just felt very...right. I would have read a full-length novel in a heartbeat and I hope Brianna Hale writes more shifter romances!

The Blood Rose by Claire Marta

I am not entirely sure what Grimm Brothers tale this was inspired by, but it was a very intriguing tale. And quite spooky, honestly. It gave off some lite horror movie vibes, so if you like getting the chills from your romances then you're really going to enjoy this book. When Samantha meets Rafe she thinks she's snagged a hot fling in a foreign country, but Rafe's romantic plans have sinister undertones and Samantha may be in way over her head.

Red & The Wolf by Dani Rene

This was an interesting take on Red Riding Hood. It's not a novella that wraps up at the end, so prepare for a cliffhanger, but for those who enjoy non-con/dub-con themes and evil men bent on forcing the heroine to submit to his every whim...this is a novella you'll enjoy.

The Lords of Sutherland Murphy Wallace

This novella was really well-written and had an very interesting take on the Snow White fairy tale, but it ultimately did not jive with my taste as there's full-blood incest between a sister and four of her brothers and that is not a kink I am personally into. There's also rough sex/dub-con (which I am into). I am sure that there are many, many people who will appreciate the writing and the content.

Snow's Surrender by Lylah James

I thought I knew where this novella was going but about three-quarters of the way in I went "Whoooooa" because there are some twists, y'all. I won't ruin it (because how cruel would I have to be to do that) but James got creative here because: mind. blown. It was very sexy too with some age-gap and some step-father action. There's also cheating though, so if that's not your thing you might want to be careful. I don't usually enjoy that, but I have to say that I didn't mind much given the somewhat low morals of most of the people involved.

The Girl Without Hands by India R. Adams

I chose not to read this book based on the content warning, so I can't review it.

His Diamond

I really like Abby Gale's writing and this novella was more of the same in regard to quality. That said, I found this book pushed the boundaries of dark for me a little, as I've never quite liked the theme of women being sold into sex slavery. But I know that many of you do like this, so I'm sure you'll be dying to continue to read the future books in this series (it ends on a cliff hanger).

The book is live now, so scoop it up before it goes away. Free on KU.


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