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Return All by Eve Dangerfield

Blurb: Derek Hardiman has been crowned a football prodigy—but success came at the cost of his dorky high school sweetheart, Mara Temple. A decade after she left town, he still can’t imagine marrying someone who isn’t her...

Traveling for most of her twenties, Mara has returned home with a designer wardrobe, a sweet puppy, and a new last name. What better to keep her surly ex-boyfriend from recognizing her?

When Mara and Derek are thrown back into each other’s lives the obsession that began when they were teenagers returns in full force. Derek can hardly believe the goddess his once-awkward lover has become, and he’s determined to win her back. But Mara is determined not to give in to the hype surrounding her bachelor superstar ex. Unfortunately, Derek has always lived up to the hype. After all, a girl only has one daddy…

Review: Oh boy. Eve Dangerfield is back in business and she's bringing Daddy with her. This book is absolutely fire from start to finish. I loved the first book in this series (Begin Again, Again) with its serious emotional undertones, delicately built romance, and the way the characters come to terms with and accepted their struggles, but Return All is the Eve we know and love. Filthy and tense with bursts of explosive passion.

We met Derek in Begin Again, Again (note: you do not need to read book one to understand anything about this book) and all we learned about him was that he was a heavily tattooed, intensely intimidating, and incredibly successful footy player with a reputation to maintain. I wasn't sure I was going to take to him as a main character at first, but damn...he fit the bill. He's been pining over his high school ex-girlfriend for the last decade and the day I stop wanting heroes to pine is the day I die.

Mara was such a mystery. She's rich, but how? She's not telling. Where has she been for the last decade? Here and there. How did she come to be running a housing non-profit? Who knows?! I loved it. The reader learns as Derek learns and not a moment sooner, which was a really captivating piece of the reading experience. I loved that she is a self-pleasuring kind of girl and has written off men (and not just in that I'm done with men forever way but then immediately falling for the hero, but in a I'm living without men just fine kind of way. Oh my god am I still making sense?)

The chemistry. Oh my gosh. The chemistry. And the creative sex. Wow. Shit just set my book on fire. Kinky stuff galore. Where's that champagne bottle going? What's that costume for? Who are we tying up? Gah! Daddy's back and he's not wasting time.

Out December 2021. Get on it.


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