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Begin Again, Again by Eve Dangerfield

Blurb: It's been a long, lonely winter for Bethany Myers. But summer is here, butterflies are flapping their wings and hot men are walking around in tight t-shirts again.

Beth (and her body) is crying out for connection. But her world has changed and being vulnerable feels riskier than ever…

Ex-professional sports star Bryon Thomas demons stretching way further back than last winter. He has plenty of secrets and even more regrets. He's done dating and determined everything will stay casual from here on out...

Can a chance roadside encounter turned one-night-stand be exactly what these perfectly imperfect people need? Is true love ever convenient?

Review: You might be thinking, "It's too soon for me to be reading a romance novel that takes place in the world of Covid-19." And that's fair. But I have to say that if you choose not to read this book because of a few mentions of Covid and social-distancing you will be missing out on an amazingly written book. Begin Again, Again is something special.

I'm used to good writing from Eve Dangerfield, but this book was different from her previous stories. It was still hot, still touching, still thrilling, but also more...something. It's so hard to describe, which is a weird feeling for a blogger who literally thrives on being able to describe my opinions of books, but this felt like more than a romance novel, more than a work of felt real. As though I were reading the true story of two people who met during difficult times in their lives rather than scrolling through figments of an author's imagination.

Both our hero and heroine are flawed people (so this is a great read for those who are so over the whole 'she's perfection embodied' thing that so many heroines have going on lately. Both characters spend a majority of the book working on themselves--Beth on her sobriety, Byron on his ability to move on from his past--while also working on building a relationship with each other. They both frustrated me at times because of their stubbornness and inability to move forward from trauma, but I liked that they hit obstacles and stumbled through their progress. It was refreshing not to see characters ace everything they attempt.

The sexual chemistry between these two is absolutely spectacular. Flames leaping off the page spectacular. But also so real. Byron is a hot sex God, but he's also working through some real issues that leak into their sex life and Beth is dealing with her own sexual hang-ups that lead to some commitment issues. But when they get together... dang. It's hot AF.

All in all this book is a deliciously written story about two lost souls finding one another in the darkest of times and seeking the light...first apart and then together. The impact of Beth and Byron's story will stick with me for a long time. Begin Again, Again is going to be a frequent reread of mine.

Out now!


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