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Memes for Romance Novel Enthusiasts

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

1. If you're going to throw down words like 'filthy' and 'degrading' then your book better deliver or I'm going to be very disappointed.


2. It's a book. It's not supposed to be real. But if you're telling me that finding a man who can love me unconditionally, respect me, and be my partner in life is unrealistic... well, let me direct you to my husband.


3. Not even ashamed of this one. My meme game is strong. My hanging out with my husband game is...weak. But memes!


4. Has there ever been a problem that couldn't be fixed with a good book?


5. Reading romance novels at the lunch table in high school opened me up to so many sex jokes. And, yet, I continued to read them because no one, not even immature kids my own age, are going to dictate what I can and cannot read.


6. Why don't you make like an eight ball and try again later.


7. Oh my god. I can't even begin to explain, so just check out the blog I wrote on the topic and click here.


8. My favorite thing in the world is making other people as equally obsessed with an author as I am because it makes me look a little less crazy.


9. Too many times my husband has asked me how a book is just to have me take fifteen minutes of his time angrily rambling about a hero who isn't measuring up to the heroine's standards.


10. This movement towards garnering consent before moving forward with the filthy language and even filthier actions is getting a thumbs up from me. Somehow it's even hotter when the guy asks permission first.




12. 16% of romance readers are men, first of all. And second, romance novels are for everyone. You'd be surprised if you took a peek at the bookshelves of your friends, family, and acquaintances. More people read romance than you think.


13. I don't go to church. I'd probably burst into flames.


14. Never trust your brain when it tells you to start a new romance novel at ten at night. It's lying to you. You will never finish and you'll be up until three in the morning and then die at work the next day.


15. I have this one plot in my mind from a book I swear I own, but I remember like two mini-facts and nothing else. It's going on two years now and I haven't been able to track it down. One day...


16. My husband says that speaking with strangers is not a strong point of mine.


17. That just doesn't seem fair.


18. Again... talking to new people is not my strong suit and I tend to go overboard when asked about recommendations. Which is why I created the questionnaire on my website geared towards matching people with the best books for them. Click here.


19. Just cut them off immediately because they're stupid.


20. He tries so hard not to interrupt my reading, but I'm always reading, so...


21. God. Just... don't call them sex books. Ever.


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