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Meet a Male Romance Author ft. Mickey Miller

Recently someone asked me whether men write romance novels. And the answer, of course, was yes. But when questioned whether I'd actually read any romance novels by male authors I found myself wracking my brain. I'd read a few male/male books by a gay author, but I'd never actually read a romance novel with heterosexual characters written by a man.

A new idea for a blog post formed and--because I have to jump on those immediately--I headed straight to the internet and started Googling 'male romance authors'. I got a small handful of names. I, then, flitted away to a romance novel forum where I found a post asking for people's favorite male romance authors. Perfect, I mumbled, rubbing my hands together like an evil villain. I grabbed as many names as I could and then, before I could even formulate any interview questions, shot off half a dozen messages to all the authors I could find on Instagram... and then found them all on Facebook and did it again, just in case they went to spam I told myself. Not a stalker.

The first author to get back to me, and thus the first to be featured (because I totally play favorites) in my new interview series featuring male romance authors, was Mickey Miller.


Mickey Miller

Many male romance authors choose to keep their true identities a secret. This could be for a wealth of different reasons including; societal pressures, fear of what friends/family might think of them, preventing professional problems, etc (not here to judge). But Mickey Miller, from the very beginning of his career, has been totally open about his identity: attaching photos of himself to his website, attending author events, and using his real name.

Because he's not afraid of putting his true identity out there, he also isn't afraid of letting us hear his voice! So, in a unique twist, he answered my interview questions in audio format. It was so much fun to hear his open, honest, and unedited answers to my host of borderline invasive interview questions (I have zero filter when it comes to my curiosity).

To hear him answer my many questions, click HERE.

To get a free book by Mickey Miller, sign up for his newsletter by clicking here.

And to check out his fabulous website with photos, books, and more information you can head to


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