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In Service of Love (Sutter Creek #5) by Laurel Greer

Blurb: Veterinarian Maggie Reid is focused on training service dogs and has no time for romance. Yet Asher Matsuda sends her guarded heart into a tailspin. The widowed single dad has vowed to put his grieving daughter first. He can’t be falling for a beautiful workaholic who hides behind her career. But every dog has its day and this stubborn duo is no different…if only they’ll take a chance on love!

Review: The Sutter Creek series is one heart-warming tale after another filled with diverse characters whose fascinating backstories captivate me from book to book. And In Service of Love was an excellent addition to an already charming world.

Maggie is a young woman closed off from love after a lifetime of being tossed aside by those she loved. But she can't quite seem to close herself off from Asher. She's going to ruffle the feathers of those readers who don't enjoy the 'I'll never love again' trope, but she made up for it in other ways like being a generally good person and a dog-lover.

Asher is a widower and a single-dad trying restart his life after the death of his husband. His bisexuality was as normalized as Maggie's child-free status, which was a nice breath of fresh air from books that want to scream WE'VE GOT BISEXUAL CHARACTERS HERE. He's a damn good Dad and an amazingly patient partner, especially with Maggie's standoffish attitude about falling in love with someone. I love his insightful comments throughout the novel, reminding me that romance heroes can be sensitive and loving and feminist without losing their masculinity.

In Service of Love was a palate cleansing read for me. It was sweet and gentle and comforting with limited drama and lots of aw opposed to my usual anxiety-producing reads that have me in the fetal position. So, all in all, an enjoyable read.

BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, can we can Stella and Ryan's book because I love me some strife!

Out now.


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