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I Asked; You Answered: Sexiest Bedroom Scene Ever

I got to wondering the other day as I reread all my favorite sex scenes in about half a dozen books, "What do other people find toe-curling, stomach-clenching, and heart-pounding? Do they know about books I don't know about?" And hence, the newest installment on my blog has been born: I Asked, You Answered.

I made a poll on Instagram asking people for their recommendations for hottest sex scenes ever. Then I reached out to them asking for specific lines that got them tingling. So, keep reading for some sexy words and fantastic recommendations by some of the best Instagram followers a romance blogger can have!


"The first lick of Rhysand's tongue set me on fire."

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Recommended by: @lansi, "I love it because it shows the hero's vulnerable side, but there's dirty stuff in there, too!"

"You feel so fucking good. When you go downstairs, I want you to remember this. Remember what you do to me."

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Recommended by: @meganlinnea, "It's one of my favorites. I reread it at least once a year!"

"I took the necklace in my hands again, winding the strand around both of my first fingers. Very slowly, very delicately, I ran the beads along the base of his cock. 'They say this is the world's oldest sex toy,' I whispered as I threaded the pearls underneath his balls and pulled the beads through. His hips rolled, and he pressed his cheek against the mattress. 'Jesus Christ," he growled into his biceps, closing his eyes as I slid the strand along him, bead by tantalizing bead."

Shimmy Bang Sparkle by Nicola Rendell

Recommended by: @silverchrysalis, "I'll never look at a strand of pearls without a little tingle again. And I'm a jeweler!"

"Her breaths were loud now, soft moans overlaying them as she began to roll her hips. And I swear to God, I nearly blacked out. The only thing that prevented it was the fact that I was desperate to watch her."

A Love Like Ours by laura_writes on wattpad

Recommended by: @kj_tymko

"'I can't stand up anymore,' she whispered. 'Well,'d better sit down.' She put one knee on the seat next to his hip, then lifted the other to straddle him."

Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Recommended by: @kelseyraewill

"Things began to descend into desperation at that point, his world narrowing to the slide of his cock in her mouth, the gleam in his eyes as he watched her hand move between her thighs, the intense hot pleasure of her fingers on her clit."

Dirty for Me by Jackie Ashenden

Recommended by: @emmajane1626,"the whole scene is a scorcher."

"With a swift and easy motion that showed he'd done this sort of thing a thousand times before, Malcolm hoisted her hands over her head and secured the ropes on her wrists to the hook. There was no escape. Mona wiggled her hands and the men chuckled at the sight of her struggles. 'Here we are, gentlemen," Malcolm said. 'Tonight's best lot. Take your time. Bid high, she's worth it.'"

The Red by Tiffany Reisz

Recommended by: @rosalindchasewrites

"The full moon beamed down on them and glowed on Ryder's skin.He felt it in the heat throbbing between his legs, in Liam's arm across his waist, in the softness of his mouth, hot and perfect, around Ryder's clit. He tried to keep quiet but it was no use. Liam's tongue was clever and quick, and when his fingers slid inside him, Ryder cried out."

[Note: Ryder is a trans man].

Darkling by Brooklyn Ray

Recommended by: @rosalindchasewrites

"A thrilling chill ripped down Jeremy's spine. The sight of his wife in bondage stirred his cock until it ached within his drawers. Rosamund's lovers had never been so creative. Although he'd never known her to require so much creativity. Jeremy was definitely not going to let the moment pass without his involvement."

The Westerman Affair by Regina Kammer

Recommended by: @rosalindchasewrites

"I sat back on his stomach, his hard muscles rippling under my dripping cunt, my hands stinging from dolling out his punishment, the tips of my full, heavy breasts drawn into tight points, the taste of my own cunt rolling across my tongue."

Lot's Wife by Rosalind Chase

Recommended by: @elizamacarthurwrites

"A kiss like this? Full-mouthed, lips and tongue and teeth, a hand gripped hard around my braid? This was something I could get addicted to. This was something I could stop my life in order to get."

Bad Neighbor by M. O'Keefe

Recommended by: @elizamacarthurwrites

"'Go on,' he urged, pushing his finger deep. 'I can feel how wet you are. You like hearing me say these things. So say them yourself. Tell me you want my cock deep inside you. Hard and fast.' 'I can't say that.' 'Why not? It's already been on the tip of your tongue. And it's just a word.'"

Recommended by: @elizamacarthurwrites

"Wrapping my arms around her warm, curvy body, I slide a hand up her back and thread my fingers into her short, damp hair. 'Oh, I know you're gonna leave me," I growl, pulling her head back so that she's looking up at me in the dark. 'So, until then, I'm gonna'

Praying for Rain by BB Easton

Recommended by: @elizamacarthurwrites

And my own contribution:

"'Who's a good little wife, huh? Who's a tight, wet wife?' He snapped his teeth down on her neck then sucked the flesh, making a mark. His mark. Pounding in the room's back wall, voices shouting...even the phone started to ring, and still he drove his cock into his heaven on earth, glorying in the way she yanked him by the ass into the cradle of her thighs."

Worked Up by Tessa Bailey

Recommended by: @romantically_inclined


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