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RIR's Bookish Gift Recommendations for the Romance Novel Reader

A while back I asked my followers on my Instagram to let me know of the best romance novel reader merch out there and got a lot of suggestions from bookstagrammars who sell their own stuff as well as a few recommendations of their favorite shops.

I always find a lot of bookish gear, but I wanted romance novel specific gift ideas to give my family when they asked "What on Earth should we get you?" As if I am the most difficult person to shop for. Spoiler Alert: I'm not. Shower me in books, please.

Anyways, back on track...the lovely Lucy Eden did a guest post for me on her bookish gift recommendations and when I realized none of my recommendations (except the one where I recommend her) overlapped with her recommendations I knew there needed to be a Part II to the bookish gifts. So, below you'll find a small list of small businesses I absolutely adore, as well as my favorite item from each shop! Check out their stores, give them a follow, and spread some holiday cheer!

Don't forget: shopping small is the best way to help those struggling this season, so please give it a shot and avoid big box stores as much as possible!


Beautiful Bitch Book Reviews

Kate's Favorite Product: The Romance Reader sweater. It's cute. It's simple. And it says everything you need to know about me.

Kiss and Let Me Tell You

Kate's Favorite Product: The "Only HEAs need apply to my TBR" shirt is a must have for any romance reader. There's also a matching sticker that is going to look amazing on my TBR book cart or on my laptop (or maybe I'll order another and put it on both!)

Boobies Podcast

Instagram: @boobiespodcast

Merch: Can be found here or here.

Kate's Favorite Product: The "Think Outside the (Dick in a) Box" tank top because I've always wanted a t-shirt that's both funny and has the word dick on it.

Adah Kay Design Co

Merch: Here.

Kate's Favorite Product: The "Coffee Books and Snow" clear coffee mug has made me rethink my stance on how many mugs I currently have.

Lucy Eden

Instagram: @lucyedenauthor

Kate's Favorite Product: The "Stay Home and Read Romance" shirt. Nothing screams Fuck You 2020 than a shirt that reminds us that staying home is best. But, as I mentioned earlier, I was probably going to stay home anyways. Now I just have a really good excuse and a really cute t-shirt.

Inkwell Threads

Instagram: @inkwellthreads

Kate's Favorite Product: I adore the "Enjoys Long Walks Through Independent Bookstores" sweatshirt because it combines two of my favorite things: Long walks and bookstores. Duh. But seriously, this entire shop is adorable.

Romantically Inclined Reviews

Note: Bookmarks are available slightly cheaper through me directly. Just DM.


I hope you enjoy my short and sweet list of recommendations. I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for bookish stuff and these are some of my all-time favorite shops. Happy holidays to you and yours!


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