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Beta Males Make The Best Book Boyfriends

Now, as romance readers, we all love a hot alpha male with a rocking body that somehow never sees the inside of a gym and a possessive streak that would piss us off in real life but we dig between the pages. But what about those adorable beta bros who never seem to get any action? The heroine's brother? The hero's smart, but female-inept best friend? The computer geek who, behind the scenes, is keeping the alpha male's undercover government operation functioning?

What about him?, I cry out at night when I'm trying to sleep.

Anyways, I made a meme on Instagram (as is typical for me when I want to gather up some great recommendations) and my followers came through with quite the list of Beta Bros who finally get their time to shine.

I decided to compile all those recommendations here in one nice, neat list with links for easier browsing! Props go to my followers, of course, for their passionate recommendations. I haven't read most of these, so I cannot totally confirm they are all betas (I'm just taking y'alls word for it), but I did skim all sorts of blurbs and reviews and tried to remove recommendations that didn't totally jive with the beta-feelings.

I hope this helps you find some awesome new Beta Boyfriends to spend your time with and please feel free to reach out and let me know which heroes charmed your pants off.


Dean -- Open Hearts by Eve Dangerfield

3.99/5 stars

Dean is in an interesting recommendation for a Beta Boyfriend as he doesn't fit the image you might have for a beta hero (nerdy, bookworm, genius-level smarts), but he doesn't quite fit the criteria for that alpha male who has it all together either. He's what we in the romance-world like to refer to as a Himbo. He's ripped with all the charm of an adorable puppy dog, but...he's also a bit daft. I'll let you decide whether he qualifies as a beta boy because the book is free for Kindle. (This blogger personally read this book and adored it, even if the heroine was a little grating at times).

Ren -- Always Only You by Chloe Liese

4.21/5 stars

Ren may be another one of those against-the-grain type Betas considering he's a hottie with a body and a talented hockey player but reviews peg him as a nerdy, considerate, loving individual with an upbeat personality that defies the typical sports player stereotype.

Leo -- Bottle Rocket by Erin McClellan

4.31/5 stars

Leo is a bisexual beta with a kinky side that'll drive readers wild. He is a wandering artist who doesn't mind giving control in the bedroom over to his ex-girlfriend who just wants to use him to explore that side of herself. Lots of sex, lots of sex positivity, and... pegging. How often do we get that in our books? Huh?

Rahul -- Wanna Bet by Talia Hibbert

4.04/5 stars

This intelligent hero has had the hots for our plus-sized heroine, Jasmine, for some time now, but she's not a relationship kind of girl, so he's been stuck biding his time. Rahul has all the feelings in the world and isn't afraid to show them, which sets him aside from so many of our beloved book boyfriends. This book is a reversal of the tropes: alpha female who prefers to sleep around and the male whose been pining after her for years.

Tomás -- If She Says Yes by Tasha L. Harrison

4.26/5 stars

Tomás is a submissive with the super-hots for his best friend's mom. Okay, maybe not just the hots. He's been in love with her for thirteen years. The reviewers love Tomás' dedication and willingness to express his feelings, as well as the diversity and age gap the book has going on!

Jamie -- Heat Stroke by Tessa Bailey

4.24/5 stars

This blogger can attest that the sexy, charming, intelligent Jamie is a beta right to his bones, but that doesn't mean that he can't take charge. I absolutely adore this story where the nerd brings the bane of his existence (his teasing, buff as hell, annoying, and totally straight--right?) coworker to his knees. This hero got multiple mentions on the beta blog post and for good reason!

Rhett -- The Learning Hours by Sara Nev (a new adult romance)

4.18/5 stars

A beta to his heart, Rhett has come to terms with the fact that women don't seem to want him, but his friends haven't seemed to get the memo. They've dedicated themselves to finding Rhett the girl who'll take his virginity and leave him a "man". Read this book and you'll get a sweet, somewhat insecure hero with a large side of dry-humping (seriously, the reviews went crazy for a dry-humping scene and now my attention is had).

Bodie -- Bad Penny by Staci Hart

4.13/5 stars

Apparently Bodie is the kind of hero that ruins you for other heroes. He's a formally chubby geek who now has the look to get any woman he wants, but he never lost that sweet, intelligent side of him that makes him the total package to star in a romance novel. And reviewers are apparently obsessed with the fact that he's a man with a plan to take down the forever-single heroine and make her his forever.

Zaf -- Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

4.13/5 stars

Ah, another hero that this blogger is familiar with. Zaf is a former, famous Rugby player with a heart of gold. He's a romance-reading hopeless romantic who is totally prepare to take on Dani Brown's "realistic" attitude towards relationships, even if it means fake-dating her until she gets the hint. He's such a sweetheart but he'll still have you swooning.

Carter -- Vision in White by Nora Roberts

4.12/5 stars

When I think the perfect beta-boyfriend, I think Carter Maguire from Nora Robert's Bridal Quartet series. The entire series is gold, but book one featuring the nerdy, quiet, high school teacher is one for the Beta Hall of Fame. The photographer heroine, Mac, is anti-relationships (thanks to her mother) but Carter, who had the hots for her all the years ago when they attended the same high school, is willing to do whatever it takes to make her see him as relationship potential. He's the most adorable, accident-prone, basically oblivious hero I've ever read and I love him so much.

Lincoln-- Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

3.9/5 stars

Lincoln is a internet security officer aka. computer nerd whose job mostly consists of reading other people's emails and filing reports for inappropriate content. He's much more comfortable behind the computer screen than in front of it, but as Lincoln reads the emails between two best friends he begins to fall for one of the women. Now he needs to figure out how to take himself from behind the screen and put himself in her path without revealing just how much he knows about how....and how he knows it.

Don -- The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

4.02/5 stars

Don has never been on a date. He barely has any friends. He's not... programmed for a relationship. But when someone mentions he would make a good husband, the awkward hero sets on a mission to find himself the perfect wife. But when he finds himself roped into a quest with a woman who is the exact opposite of the type of wife he's looking for, he finds that maybe what looks good on paper isn't what he really needs. I read this book long ago and it was really sweet (although keep in mind it's one of those books shelves in the fiction section of bookstore rather than the romance section, so be prepared for a softer, gentler approach to the romance than you might find in a typical romance novel).

James -- Uncharted Waters by Micah Persell

3.90/5 stars

James has lived nearly his entire life in solitude, but he occasionally leaves his small, remote cabin in order to gather supplies and collect his mail. He can go weeks without speaking out loud. When the heroine literally stumbles onto his property with a blizzard on the way he rescues her, even though he hasn't the faintest clue how to talk to her or take care of her. I haven't read this book, but after reading the blurb and skimming some reviews I think that I need to buy it because...damn, it sounds good. Who doesn't love the idea of a mountain man with absolutely zero social skills in forced proximity with a lovely scientist?

Ben -- The Fix Up by Tawna Fenske

3.77/5 stars

A sexy, oblivious geek with zero people skills, Ben Langley is more comfortable watching sci-fi movies than interacting with people. But when it comes time for him to take over his family's company a PR representative, Holly, is hired to remake his image and turn him into the type of CEO you'd expect to find at the helm. Reviewers adore the chemistry between the characters and the over all lesson: that sometimes it's just better to be yourself.

Sebastian -- My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh

3.65/5 stars

Wallflower Grace Wyatt wants nothing more than for society to leave her alone, but when a man finally comes into her life Grace, for the first time, wants to be noticed. She decides to makeover the bookish, glasses-wearing Sebastian into the perfect man in the hopes that he's courting her will bring the attention of the man she truly wants. But slowly the beta hero realizes that he isn't interested in fake-dating Grace anymore, he wants to date her for real. Two wallflowers falling in love? Sign me up.

Matt -- Underneath It All by Kate Canterbary

3.99/5 stars

Matt is a brilliant workaholic who doesn't have the time nor inclination for a relationship...until he meets Lauren. She's the first woman who's made him want to focus on anything other than work. Too bad for him that Lauren isn't interested in anything more than a hot one-night-stand. She's entirely focused on making her dreams come true. Now Matt has to take all that intelligence and dedication of his and focus it on making Lauren realize that they're meant to be together.

Simon -- Well Met by Jen DeLuca

3.87/5 stars

Simon doesn't give readers the best first impression. He comes off as a boring, strict, pretentious know-it-all, but I have it on good authority from reviewers that first impressions change! Truly, Simon is just incredibly dedicated to his tasks of running the Renaissance Faire and he doesn't have time for the quirky heroine who keeps getting in his way. Readers loved the chemistry and the large amounts of sexual tension.

Nate -- Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

4.14/5 stars

Nate is a billionaire unlike those you're used to reading about. He's not a narcissistic playboy nor is he into S&M like so many of those pesky richy-riches these days. And our heroine Rebecca has known him since before he had any money whatsoever, which is a fun twist on a sort of tired trope. She's also totally oblivious to his feelings for her, but only because they've been friends for so damn long she can't even imagine him having those thoughts about her. Heard there's tons of angst for those of you who like to torture yourselves.

Foster -- More Than Water by Renee Ericson (New Adult Romance)

4.04/5 stars

Foster is a huge science nerd who prefers facts and reason over all else. Evelyn is a free-spirit studying art. The two have absolutely nothing in common, but that doesn't stop a friendship from forming. Their flirty banter turns into one hot night together, but though neither of them of them has the time or inclination for a relationship they simply cannot resist each other. Maybe opposites really do attract.

Nico -- The Hard Count by Ginger Scott (Young Adult Romance)

4.28/5 stars

Nico is from the wrong side of the tracks, but his smarts are enough to land him a scholarship at a wealthy school. There he catches the eye of Reagan, the football coach's daughter, who appears to have everything she's ever wanted. Reviewers note Nico's drive, determination, loyalty, and morals as reasons to love him. A hot opposites attract romance between a privileged princess and a star student who just needs someone to believe in him.

Hugh -- The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

3.94/5 stars

A reckless duel left Hugh, a brilliant mathematician, with an injured leg and no marriage prospects. He's gruff and bitter and... kind of an asshole. A true enemies to lovers romance where you believe they really hate each other. But between all the hate, sparks start to fly between the two characters. Wounded hero fans will enjoy this one.

Pick -- Be My Hero by Linda Kage

4.29/5 stars

Patrick "Pick" Ryan is a protective, caring, upbeat, and thoughtful hero whose hard life hasn't dampened his spirit. Just judging from the reviews I'm skimming I'm pretty sure this book has literally murdered someone with the amount of angst it's packing. There's just far too much to go into in this tiny little paragraph. But if good men who spend their time rescuing damsels in distress is your thing, then you might wanna check this one out.

James -- Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

4.00/5 stars

Another wounded hero at your service, Captain James Trevillion is proud, brooding, and packing a serious leg injury. Our heroine is almost completely blind, which is definitely something I haven't read before, especially in a historical romance, so I'm extra intrigued by that. James is Phoebe's bodyguard who has been pining after Phoebe for a long, long time but he doesn't feel that he's man enough for her. But maybe Phoebe should be the judge of that.

James -- Seven Nights to Forever by Evangeline Collins

3.75/5 stars

James is a handsome, kind, compassionate and lonely mechant dealing with an abusive wife and seeking an escape. Rose is a beautiful, destitute woman who spends one week at a brothel where she fetches quite a price. She never expects to fall in love with a client. A very unique romance between two unlikely companions.

Jensen -- Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

4.30/5 stars

Jensen has spent 5 years regretting the way he treated his ex-best friend and has never gotten over her. In fact, his love for her has only grown stronger. The kind of hero who cuts up paper hearts and writes love notes on them for the heroine. If second chances and lovable heroes are your thing then this book will probably be a winner for you.

Kirk -- Home by Jenny Bunting

4.62/5 stars

The author note for this book reads: If you like sweet heroines who could be your BFF, bearded quirky guys who secretly read Twilight, kitchen counter sex and all the feels, be ready to feel right at home. Does that pique your interest? Best friends to lovers, close proximity, and a hero who adores his grandma? Sounds good to me.

Matt -- Dating-ish by Penny Reid

4.29/5 stars

One reader commented that this book felt a lot like watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, so if that's your jam then you may want to check it out further. Matt and Marie have a terrible, terrible first date in which Marie learns that she is an unwilling victim of a research experiment by Dr. Matt Simmons. She runs for the hills. But when they're reunited later she discovers that he may be of some use to her after all, even if it isn't as a potential love match.

Brian -- Dare to Look by Kyra Fox

4.62/5 stars

The hero Brian is absolutely devoted to his best friend Trista. He combines a confident, dominant side with a sweet, softer side, exemplifying the perfect man. But then Trista packs up and moves away from everything she knows, including him. Now Brian has a second chance to make Trista his and he's not going to waste it. Reviews say this sways into erotic territory, so be warned.

Corban -- Falling for My Enemy by Claire Kingsley

4.24/5 stars

Corban is a data-nerd, but he's got the looks to make women look twice. He's developed a theory he claims will make two people fall in love and so far it's proved to be accurate on everyone who's tried it. But it's never worked for him. And his nemesis, Hazel, has made it her life's mission to prove his theory wrong. An enemies to lovers romance that brings the heat.

Reid -- Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

3.82/5 stars

I've heard a lot about this book but I've never read it myself. I might have to after the hero Reid was described as stoic and awkward. I mean, that's my kryptonite. Our heroine Meg could have predicted that Reid's impending marriage wasn't going to make it, but she never predicted that one year later Reid would be tracking her down to find out how she knew his relationship was doomed. An unlikely connection blooms into romance.

Clark -- Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton

4.05/5 stars

The blurb says that Clayton pits "superman against Clark" in this story which indicates a bit of a love triangle (so, warning if that isn't you thing). Our heroine Viv is drawn towards Hank's good looks and stoic nature, but nerdy Clark who keeps her coming back for more as they renovate a historic home together. In the end, Viv has to choose whether it's the rugged cowboy or the librarian who has her heart.

Alex -- Love Hacked by Penny Reid

4.16/5 stars

Sandra's dates never turn out the way she hopes. In fact, they usually end with the dude crying. Her argumentative, secretive, and hostile waiter Alex intrigues her, but he's absolutely the opposite of everything she wants for herself and he has no intention of changing his ways. Penny Reid isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy her style of writing and her character development then you'll find this book zinging with chemistry.

Ivan -- The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden

3.63/5 stars

Ivan is a hunky rocket-scientist who feels more at home in the lab than in any social situation, so he approaches his attractive neighbor, not for a date, but to ask if she can help teach him how to behave at an important fundraiser he has to attend. Camilla decides to help him, but she couldn't have predicted their explosive chemistry. He's not only in charge at the lab, but he prefers to be in charge in bed, too. And she discovers pretty quickly that being submissive comes naturally to her. Oof, this sounds delicious.

Jonah -- The Best Thing by Mariana Zapata

4.02/5 stars

I've never read Mariana Zapata before, but I have heard she is the queen of the slow burn. Jonah is a sweet, considerate, and shy hero who has a secretive alpha side waiting to come out. This book had some differing reviews--some readers adored it and some readers couldn't click--but those who adore Zapata's unique story-telling and angst up the wazoo will probably enjoy it!

Reid -- Reid by Melanie Moreland

4.33/5 stars

Reid grew up abandoned and unloved in the foster care system. His computer skills landed him a prison record, but now he's been recruited to be a lead IT guy, an opportunity that has changed his life for the better. He pours his heart and soul into his job, and he enjoys it, but when the smart and intelligent Rebecca walks into his life he decides to make a play for her. He's a funny, kind, and vulnerable hero who gets the HEA he deserves.

Zylar -- Strange Love by Ann Aguirre

3.98/5 stars

Zylar is the only alien on this list. He's a four-time loser in the annual Choosing (a Hunger Games-esque competition) and if he fails again he'll lose his chance at a mate forever. The frazzled Beryl has been told her whole life that she'll never get married, but when she gets the opportunity to snag herself an alien bachelor she jumps at the chance. The aliens think Beryl is nothing special to look at, but Zylar considers himself lucky to have the attentions of a woman as strong and protective as her. Reviews mention Zylar is a total cinnamon roll of a hero.


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