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A Gift Buying Guide for the Bookish In Your Life (or for yourself) ft. Lucy Eden

If you were planning to shop small for the romance lover in your life--especially if that romance lover is you!--check out my top picks from each of these shops, including mine! Feel free to click the names to be directed to the individual sites and click the links to be directed to the

Dreaming of Celie

Discount: 10% off

Promo Code: LUCYEDEN10

Sales Dates: 11/27-12/4

Lucy's Top Pick:

A-Z Bookshelf Booksleeve ($28): large book sleeve (8.5" by 11.5") fits hardbacks (as well as full sized magazines) with room to spare. Book sleeves are a gerat way to protect your current read from purses and backpacks while traveling or just out and about around town. Dreaming of Celie sleeves are made with quality cotton fabric and a thick stabilizer for better shape and durability. Because each sleeve is hand cut there will be slight variations in the pattern of each sleeve. No two sleeves will be exactly alike and that is what makes handmade items unique.

The Ripped Bodice


Sales Dates: 11/27 at 6pm PST to 11/30 at midnight PST

Lucy's Top Pick:

Trope Trio-There's Only One Bed ($30): This great book box contains one new, trade paperback blind date with a book (including a special swag item), a package of Trope Tea, and one mini-notebook. It's all packaged in an adorable burlap sack.

Hello Lovely Box

Discount: 15%

Promo Code: EDEN15

Lucy's Top Pick:

"One New Chapter" Soft T-Shirt ($18.99): Grab this t-shirt for 40% off with any other apparel order. It's a unisex t-shirt and follows standard sizing guidelines. The black shirt is 100% cotton, the lavender is 50% preshrunk cotton and 50% dry blend polyester jersey.

Love's Sweet Arrow

Discount: 15%

Promo Code: SmallBusinessWeekend2020

Sales Dates: 11/27-11/29

Lucy's Top Pick:

All I Want For Christmas is a Fake Relationship Box ($25-$75): Going home for the holidays (or any time really!) can be hard when you are single. Lucky for these romance main characters they have the best plan: A Fake Relationship! And that's what Love's Sweet Arrow brings to you, a trope box with a theme. The mini-box version includes 1-2 books related to the theme and a medium candle from one of our vendors. The full-box version includes 3-4 books related to the theme, a medium candle from one of our vendors, and some sweet treats. The Treat Yourself version includes 3-4 books related to the theme, our signature candle, and some sweet treats (there is the offer with this box to replace the candle with a t-shirt). Please choose $10 shipping option.

Lucy Eden (or my teespring store)

Discount: 10%

Promo Code: BOOKMONEY (all orders get bonus swag!)

Sales Dates: Now-12/1

Lucy's Top Picks (I have two because I have two stores):

Bear With Me Swag Box ($75): There's a limited quantity of these Lucy Eden swag boxes. Pre-order yours before they're all gone. Price includes shipping to US. International shipping rates apply.

I Spent All My Ugly Sweater Money on Books ($42.99): It's a relaxed fitting, drop shoulder, sweater that comes in a variety of styles and colors. Perfect for letting your family know where your priorities lie.

Nicole Falls

Discount: 25%

Promo Code: CYBER

Sales Dates: Now-11/30

Lucy's Top Pick:

Art is Work Crewneck ($28): An adorable, stylish sweater that will make your opinion of art known. It's not just a hobby and it's not just for fun. It's work! Each item is handmade by the creator, so please allow at least 10 business days for order processing and shipping.

Katrina Jackson

Discount: 15%

Promo Code: MERRIER15 (order 5 books to get a free mug!)

Sales Dates: Now-12/5

Lucy's Top Pick:

Every New Year ($13): After twenty years of unrequited love, Candance and Ezra are both running away from their broken hearts, only to run right into each other's arms.

Willow Winters

Discount: 30%

Promo Code: BlackFriday30

Sales Dates: Now-11/30

Lucy's Top Pick:

Shh...I'm Reading Iridescent Ceramic Mug ($17.99): Cozy and on trend, the 15 oz Shhh...I'm Reading Mug is sure to add a touch of glamor to your drinkware collection.


Discount: 15%

Promo Code: HOLIDAY20

Sales Dates: Now-12/5

Lucy's Top Pick:

These Are My Reading Pants ($40): Adorable and comfortable leggings perfect for lounging around with a good book. These come in 12 colors and fit skinny through hips and thighs.

The Bookworm Box

Discount: 50%

Promo Code: THANKFUL

Sales Dates: Now-11/30

Lucy's Top Pick:

One More Step Anthology ($25): An exclusive Bookworm Box anthology featuring stories from 26 incredible authors who were previously featured in the 2019 Bookworm Box subscription boxes. It's a unique reading experience in which all 26 authors were given the same first sentence, but where they went after that first sentence was up to them. Each author has graciously donated their story so that 100% of the profits from the anthology will be going to various charities.

The Guide to Romance Novels

Sales Dates: Now-11/30

Lucy's Top Pick:

Star Wars Book Sleeve ($8.25): This fabulously priced and totally adorable book sleeve fits all paperbacks and some hardcovers! It also fits many tablets and iPads.


A special thanks to our guest blogger romance author Lucy Eden who compiled this amazing list of bookish gifts for the romance lover in your life.

Lucy Eden is the nom de plume of a romance-obsessed author who writes the kind of romance she loves to read. She's a sucker for alphas with a soft gooey center, over the top romantic gestures, strong & smart MCs, humor, love at first sight (or pretty damn close), happily ever afters & of course, dirty and steamy love scenes. When Lucy isn't writing she's busy reading--or listening to--every book she can get her hands on--romance or otherwise. She lives and loves in New York with her husband, two children, a turtle and a Yorkshire Terrier.

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