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Your Echo by Katia Rose

Updated: May 17, 2020

Blurb: The number one question on Stéphanie’s mind sounds like the start of a bad joke, and life would be a whole lot easier if she actually knew the punch line.

Her meditation coach job description said nothing about private lessons for the most infamous lead singer in Montreal, but somehow Stéphanie still finds herself sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat, right next to a pierced and tattooed music legend who’d rather be anywhere else.

Meditation classes are Ace’s final chance to convince his record label that the last bender he went on really was his last. The demons that have sent him to the bottom of countless bottles might not give a damn about ‘soothing rhythmic chanting,’ but it’s either this or game over for his career.

He’s not what she wants. She’s not what he’s looking for. Yet somewhere amidst all the incense fumes, the lines between student and teacher get blurred.

Even as their deep breathing exercises become nights filled with panting and gasps, Stéphanie can’t ignore the darkness that never quite leaves Ace’s eyes. It’s a darkness she knows far too well, and if she’s not careful, the cost of helping Ace find his way might just be losing herself.

Review: Katia Rose has an exceptional talent for story-telling. A couple times during my reading I had to stop and take a break to really reflect on the incredible dialogue and purposeful word choices. My absolutely favorite part is the little taste of the French language strewn throughout the stories (mostly curse words, but I still appreciated it).

If you read the first book in the Sherbrooke Station series, Your Rhythm, you'll be surprised to hear that Your Echo is even better! How is that possible?, you might ask. Well, it is. Your Rhythm was a beautifully told story about two competent, capable people. Your Echo is the story of two people finding themselves through each other. I loved the humor and banter between Ace and Stéphanie, especially the way Stéphanie continuously put Ace in his place. Strong women for the win.

Ace was a stark difference from Matt--from Your Rhythm. He oozes charm and danger that attracts women like flies, women like Stéphanie. He isn't your typical rock star though, or maybe he is--depending on what type of rock stars books you read. Stéphanie isn't the type of woman you'd think would fall for an alcoholic lead singer of Montreal's most popular band. I loved her personality and the way her dirty mind competed with the innocent look she put out to the world. The two of them together were totally explosive.

Really, anyone who can appreciate good writing, insane chemistry, and lots of cussing will find Your Echo to be a captivating tale of what happens when opposites attract. You don't need to read Your Rhythm before the second book, but I'd recommend it simply because it's such a fabulous series. Pick up your copy today and don't forget to check out the Author Spotlight section of our blog. Katia Rose is September's featured author!


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