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Their Nine-Month Surprise by Laurel Greer

Blurb: How do you prepare for the change of a lifetime? She’s determined to do it all by herself…but he’ll do anything to earn her trust!

Returning from vacation, veterinary tech Lachlan Reid is shocked—the woman he’s been dreaming about for months is on his doorstep. He hasn’t forgotten his one magical night with Marisol Cardenas - nor will he now that she’s pregnant! Lachlan has always wanted to be a dad and works tirelessly to make Marisol see his commitment. But can he convince marriage-shy Marisol to form the family of their dreams?

Review: I read Greer's A Father for her Child last year and, despite my strong hesitations about kids in romance novels, genuinely enjoyed the sweet, small town romance featuring a single-mother and a hot guy in need of some physical therapy. When I received an ARC of Their Nine-Month Surprise I was excited to fall back into the world of Sutter Creek, Montana and get to know Marisol and Lachlan, two people who never dreamed they'd see one another again after a whirlwind, holiday romance.

As is often the case with strong, independent heroines, I found myself endlessly frustrated by our heroine's insistence on keeping herself an arms-length away from the sweet and sexy Lachlan but--sigh--I guess I could understand her reticence given her relationship history and her lofty career aspirations. No time for missteps when you're on a schedule. But, despite her unwillingness to give it up to the gorgeous baby daddy pulling out all the stops to make her love him, I found her to be a likable, responsible character who was only trying to do the very best for her baby. I also loved that she didn't keep this baby a secret from Lachlan (at least not on purpose)--and this is in the very first like four pages of the book, so I don't consider this a spoiler--like so many secret baby-romances.

Lachlan is literally the perfect man to accidentally have as your baby daddy. He is handsome, thoughtful, kind, and hard-working. And he saves lives! How much better can it get? I loved how carefully he navigated his relationship with Marisol while also making sure, every step of the way, that she knew how committed he was to her and the baby regardless of whether they were together as a couple or not. If you're hoping to find a man who fights becoming a dad in these pages you will be sorely disappointed because Lachlan is 100% in.

I think that those who enjoys secret baby romances will jump for joy over this book because unlike so many secret baby romances the hero is all in from the very first moment he learns about the baby and honestly, it's rather low in terms of drama (all inter-relationship drama, no outward sources really). Just lots of sweetness and some half-hearted, futile attempts from the heroine to resist the hero's charms. I cannot wait for the Sheriff's/Lachlan's half-sister book because there is going to be some mad tension and I live for angst.

Paperback is out now, e-book out June 2020. You can check out all Laurel Greer's books here.


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