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The Wrong Brother for Brooke by Michele De Winton

Updated: May 17, 2020

Blurb: If he is the wrong brother, then why does this feel so right?

When a woman slithers into his hot tub, Kainui Keahi thanks the Kahuna gods for providing the mermaid of his dreams. But when it becomes clear it was his brother she was looking for, not him, he does the honorable thing and sits on his hands while she flees. The woman is impetuous, driven, and all kinds of wrong for him. But he can't shake the feeling her body is meant to be his.

Brooke doesn't have time to be embarrassed about a misplaced fondle in the dark. She's headed for World Surfing League glory, her eyes focused on winning the surfing competition. Until she dislocates her shoulder.

Kainui is assigned as her physiotherapist and Brooke struggles to accept he'll get her skin under his hands once more. But when Kainui whisks her away from the competition and shows her a different side of Indonesia, their doctor/patient relationship is in danger of becoming something deeper, and hotter.

Perhaps Brooke got the right brother after all...

Review: Reading The Wrong Brother for Brooke was like falling into a cool glass of water. Don't get me wrong. I love a drama-ridden, anxiety-producing romance novel as much as the next girl. Nothing gets me more excited than when two characters fight repeatedly (80's romance novels are the best for un-communicated misunderstandings between MCs), but Michele DeWinton brought the romance with limited interpersonal drama in this story.

I've never read a book with surfers as the main characters--and it became very clear to me that this was not the first book in the series (God, why am I always caught off guard about this?)--but I learned a lot while reading about surf culture, so I didn't feel left out at all throughout my read. By the end of the book I was positively itching to get to the ocean and experience everything that Brooke and Kai were.

Reading about Brooke was like looking in an unflattering mirror. I saw way too much of myself in her stubborn, says-too-much personality. But there's also something admirable about a girl who sets goals and will do whatever she can to reach them. She was a very strong, capable heroine with brains and brawn.

But she definitely needed a man like Kai, calm and chocked full of good advice, to keep her from stepping too far out on the ledge. I loved the way he spoke to and about Brooke, like he truly saw her and wanted the best for her. And I'm sure his stunning good looks and immeasurable patience had a lot to do with her switching her crush to the right brother. They were perfectly matched for one another and I really enjoyed watching their relationship with one another develop.

The Wrong Brother for Brooke was a breath of fresh air between readings of some more tumultuous romance novels. I swear the entire read was a calming experience with the bonus addition of some hot sex. And Kai's gentle advice will have real life benefits for me. You can purchase The Wrong Brother for Brooke here, but I'd suggest starting with the beginning of the series to get a real feel for the characters!


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