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The Viscount Can Wait by Marie Tremayne

Updated: May 17, 2020

Blurb: After five years away, Lady Eliza Cartwick isn’t relishing returning to the whirl of the London season. But the young widow knows to ensure the best future for herself and her young daughter, Rosa, she must remarry. If only Lord Evanston, the dashing rogue who has haunted her dreams since she was sixteen, didn’t insist on distracting her with his searing looks and lingering touches at the most inconvenient times.

Thomas, Lord Evanston, has wanted Eliza since her engagement ball all those years ago. His best friend’s sister has constantly been out of reach . . . until now. The forbidden has always tempted him, but when Thomas realizes he wants the object of his fantasies for far more than a dalliance, he must convince her that he’s not just a rake; he’s a viscount who’s worth the wait.

Review: I absolutely loved Lady in Waiting, so I knew that I'd adore The Viscount Can Wait. Marie Tremayne has a way of making my pulse beat so fast I think I might expire. Thankfully, I'm still alive, but it was a close call!

Eliza was such a frustrating heroine, but in the best way. I wanted her to take Thomas home and into her bed. But responsible Eliza wanted to be a good mother and find an "appropriate" husband to be the father to her four year old. Darn all these heroines who want to be good mothers! But other than that little tid bit she was quite a wonderful heroine to read about.

Thomas was King of the Rakes (of course, I just love when they are). He starts off all confident and secure in his promiscuity, but slowly throughout the novel he devolves into a love-struck idiot. It was absolutely adorable. He was the perfect embodiment of rake turned hopeless romantic and I was cheering for him the entire time. I laughed out loud a couple times watching him bumble through the courting process.

The Viscount Can Wait incorporated the perfect amount of hilarity, seriousness, and hot bedroom stuff. Marie Tremayne is a wonderful voice in the romance community and I will forever look forward to reading her work. If you're a fan of historical romance you will not be disappointed with The Reluctant Bride series. Out now!


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