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Never Let Go (Lazarus Rising #1) by Cynthia Eden

Never Let Go by Cynthia Eden might go down as one of the most unique romance novels I've ever read. I don't know that, outside of a paranormal romance, I've ever experienced a hero who literally rose from the dead. I never thought I'd be attracted to an literal zombie.

Blurb: Dr. Elizabeth Parker didn't like wild, dangerous men...yet she still found herself falling for sexy Navy SEAL Sawyer Cage. He was her exact opposite--a man she should definitely stay away from, a man who lived for the thrill of danger...but he was also the man she found herself wanting more than any other.

But their secret relationship ended in heartbreak when Sawyer was killed on a mission. Grieving for him, the last thing Elizabeth ever expected was to find Sawyer listed as a test subject for the top secret government project she was heading--a project called Lazarus.

For years, Elizabeth had worked feverishly to unlock the secrets of life and death, and with her Lazarus formula, she finally thought she'd made a breakthrough. Only she never expected to use Lazarus on her lover.

Sawyer is given the Lazarus formula, and he's transported to a remote government facility. At that facility, Sawyer wakes once more, only he's not the same man. He's stronger, he's faster, his reflexes and his senses are ten times better than an average man's. The government calls Sawyer a super soldier... Elizabeth still calls him...hers.

Unfortunately, Sawyer has no memory of his life before Lazarus. All he knows is that something about the sexy doctor awakes a primal response in him. He wants her, and he'll do anything to possess her. Soul-deep, he feels that she was meant to be his.

But something is wrong inside the Lazarus facility. The test subjects are holding back secrets, and danger seems to lurk in the air. The Lazarus subjects are super-human now, and some of those subjects have a very, very dark side. Twisted cravings drive them to the very edge of sanity. Can Sawyer keep Elizabeth safe from the madness around them...or will the growing darkness consume them both?


Never Let Go by Cynthia Eden is a romantic suspense that has it all. Memory loss, alpha men, smart heroines, secret underground laboratories, murders, and dead guys who come back to life. It is thee perfect combination of danger and romance I've read in a long time. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat, panting for more.

Sawyer is a force to be reckoned with. He used to be a SEAL, a man of honor whose only goal was to save as many lives as possible. A good guy. And then he dies and becomes a weapon meant to be wielded by bad guys. But Sawyer knows who he is, even if he doesn't remember who... he is. That's what makes him such an amazing hero. He's a good guy the entire time. There's no reformed bad boys or commitment phobes here, just buff dudes with genuinely good hearts.

Elizabeth a brilliant woman whose brains have gotten her into quite a pickle. I love a powerful heroine and there's no heroine more powerful than one who has created a serum to bring the dead back to life. And she's even smarter than anyone gives her credit for. I love that it's the woman rescuing the man in this novel.

I absolutely love the relationship between Elizabeth and Sawyer. This isn't one of those novels where you find yourself questioning why one character is with the other at any point in time. You never doubt how much they care for one another or how deep their obsession for one another goes, even when Sawyer's memory lapse throws a wrench in in their plans. Elizabeth and Sawyer go through hell and come out on top. Victoriously.

This book is something else. It's thrills mixed with danger mixed with a never-done-before-plot. I am obsessed with this series and I'm dying to know what happens next. Never Let Go is available for free on Amazon (as of 8/14/2018), so get some Cynthia Eden on your Kindle ASAP.


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