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Lap of Luxury (Love Don't Cost a Thing #2) by Brianna Hale

Blurb: Captive. Pet. Lover. Pawn…

Darkness lives inside Damir Ravnikar, and that darkness craves one thing: me. Rich, ruthless, and handsome as sin, Damir’s promised me the world to make up for my life’s myriad disappointments.

But his promise comes with a price.

Damir intends to use me to hunt down his double-crossing brother. With every jewel, every kiss, I can feel myself losing my morals, my freedom and even my sanity. Because darkness lives inside me, too. He’s laying my deepest secrets bare, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

My name is Bethany, and I’ve fallen into the lap of luxury.

Review: Brianna Hale writes a really good good guy, but she writes a fucking amazing bad guy. You love them. You hate them. You want to lick up their chest while simultaneously cursing them to every God that will listen. I love the conflicted feelings. And I loved Damir.

He was evil incarnate and I wanted him all the more for it. There's just something intoxicating about a man who has such few redeeming qualities. Our heroine wasn't trying to save him, she was just trying to survive him. The things he did to her, the games he played with her, were so cruel, but he knew it was exactly what she wanted... what she needed, even if she wouldn't admit it to herself.

Bethany was a fabulous heroine. I actually messaged Hale fourteen pages into the book virtually screaming, "Oh no, I'm Bethany!" At first I thought we were going to get yet another book on a dark soul corrupting an innocent girl (not that I don't love that shit), but Bethany wasn't all sunshines and rainbows herself. The darkness inside her was there, it just wanted a reason to break free.

The drama of kidnappings, and FBI manhunts, and brother trying to murder brother kept me on the edge of my seat the entire read. My head was spinning with sex scenes, escape plots, murders, and horror movies. There was no redeeming this murdering beast into a gentle husband (which is rarely believable when an author does it), so if you're into that you might want to look elsewhere. Damir starts as a cruel man and ends as a cruel man who would do anything for his woman, but he's not going to be nice about it... and Bethany doesn't want him to be. They truly had a connection that defied sanity, but felt totally believable and I was so jealous of her (insert dramatic weeping here).

Lap of Luxury is beautiful darkness, so be prepared to sink beneath the waves. You're going to drown in this book...and love every second of it.


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