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Just Right by Bronwyn Green

Blurb: It’s bad enough that as the elder bear shifter in my clan, I’ve got to guide two adult cubs through their changes and help them acclimate to their newfound abilities, but the biologist who recently transferred to my office is the icing on my stress cake. She’s not only a beautiful distraction, she’s also smart, funny, and her research project has the potential to reveal the existence of shape shifters to the world—especially when there are two bears running around who aren’t quite acting as bear-like as they should.

Gwendolyn Locke

I moved to Parrish Falls—a.k.a. The Middle of Nowhere—Michigan to study black bears. But in the three months that I’ve been working as a biologist at the local branch of the DNR, I haven’t seen a single one. Because my boss has been actively cock bear-blocking me every chance he gets. I don’t know what his problem is, but I’m about to find out. Just as soon as I can look at his gorgeous, grumpy face and not mentally relive every filthy sex dream I’ve had about him.

Confronting Noah doesn’t go as planned, and I discover that shape shifters exist and fairy tales aren’t just stories. Somehow, I’ve found myself snowbound and playing Goldilocks to three stupidly-hot bear shifters. As it turns out, “just right” is so much more than a figure of speech.

Review: When I get off work every night I have a limited amount of time to read before bed and, since it's near impossible for me to put down a book I haven't finished, my best bet is usually a novella. And there's no better novella in my mind than one involving shapeshifters.

And I then I heard it was MMMF and I was like, "Okay. This is as good as it gets."

Enemies to lovers is my jam and there's never been more angry sexual tension directed at someone like Gwen's directing at Noah.

Now, don't go thinking that there's three heroes and one heroine all the way through like I thought there might be. This is truly a romance between two individuals, Gwendolyn and Noah, who don't mind inviting other parties into their budding relationship. The presence of Quinn and Lucas were just a sexy bonus to an already sexy story.

Because this is a novella you're not going to get a drawn out, intricately detailed plot, but Just Right managed to have just enough background information, drama, and personal development to keep me intrigued all the way through. The fairy tale undercurrents were delightful (who doesn't love a fairy tale turned on its end?) and the little references here and there kept me laughing between the panting.


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