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Flirting with Forever (Graciella #3) by Sara Ohlin

Blurb: What would you give up to make forever come true?

Adam Brockman has been working the land and the horses in Graciella since he can remember, and the new Brockman Farms business ventures are all blossoming. Adam’s always believed in the farm, in family, and he’s convinced he’ll find the perfect love in the perfect moment.

Widowed Cassandra Dorsey hopes her stay at a Brockman Farm cottage will help find peace and get her life back on track after losing her dream job as the food editor of The San Francisco Chronicle and being reckless with men in order to feel again have done nothing but leave her numb.

Tumbling headfirst into love, Adam sets out to woo Cass into staying in Graciella and becoming his forever. Although initially convinced she needs to get her old job back, the land and love revive Cass’s senses and she starts to imagine new dreams that include a gorgeous farm and her sexy cowboy.

But a bombshell flips their world upside down and shakes the foundation of their fledgling relationship. Will the shock of a lifetime tear them apart…or grant Adam and Cass their chance at forever?

Review: This was a very, very sweet and romantic read. I picked up this book following a series of dark, dark romances, so it was almost like being walloped on the side of the head by sweetness, honestly. Not in a bad way, just in a whoa-way.

Sometimes you don't want that commitment-phobe hero the heroine has basically manhandle into giving her affection. And if you're a little sick of that sort of hero, then you'll definitely love Adam: the gentle farmer who wants, more than anything, to find true love, settle down, and raise a family. It was seriously a wonderful thing to witness and I really loved reading his point-of-view and getting to see our heroine through his eyes.

Cassandra was a pretty interesting heroine. She wasn't flawless by any means (carrying around a lot of baggage), but she made for a dynamic and captivating character which I appreciated from a romance novel in which the hero isn't offering much of the conflict himself. Still, it never felt like her problems were overly dramatic or unrealistic. She just felt like a real person.

I actually found myself rather enamored with the way Ohlin wrote this novel which was interesting because I've read three of her books now and each one had a pretty distinct writing style that matched the tone of her book. This one--with its in-depth descriptions of the beautiful scenery, the character's emotional journeys, and their personal discoveries--was just perfectly written.

Basically, you're going to pick up this book if you enjoy the flowery, romantic writing of those 80s romance novels without all the sexism and misogyny and general problematic undertones. But it's also...better than those. I don't know. Just know that this book stands out among the sea of billionaire romances and overly dramatic romance novels of late (I do love those, don't get me wrong, but this book stands out).

I'd be very interested to go back and read the previous books in this series because from the bits and pieces of the secondary characters (Adam's brothers and their spouses) I can tell that they have some great books. Flirting with Forever is out May 11th and you should definitely pick it up!


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