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Feels Like Falling by Elle Keating

Updated: May 17, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: this novel touches on topics of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, child suicide, and murder.

Blurb: Luke McGinnis is the responsible, quiet older brother. The loving son who enjoys working side-by-side with his father at the winery they co-own. At twenty-nine years old, Luke is a success story, the rags-to-riches kind. That’s what people see. Not the ugly past he fights to keep buried... a past that keeps him from really living.

Peyton Matthews is a household name. As a model, her face has been on the covers of countless magazines and she now has more money than she will ever know what to do with. But that smile she flashes for the photographers and the media is just an illusion. That pretty package everyone envies has been her armor, her protection, and she doesn’t want anyone to find a chink in it... especially not the winery owner who looks at her like he knows the dark secrets she keeps.

Review: There's no slow build with this book. Feels Like Falling starts like a firecracker and ends in a soft, warm fizzle of happiness. That's what we want from a romance novel, no? Sometimes they start so slowly that you find yourself wondering whether there will be any actual intercourse between the pages. You won't have that problem here.

Both Luke--winery and sex club owner--and Peyton--gorgeous international model--have dark secrets that keep them from having long-term partners to share their lives with. Viciously abused as children they'll do nothing to keep their secrets buried, but when a game of Truth for Truth leads them to opening up to one another they'll discover that their pasts aren't the only thing they have in common.

There are plenty of trigger warnings to be had here though. Luke and Peyton have suffered a number of hardships as children that made me feel sick, but the way they've come out of it is admirable. They're strong, they're smart, they're independent. They're the characters you want to read about.

Despite the sex club aspect this book actually didn't edge too close to the erotic literature side of things. I think it stayed firmly in the romance novel category and even the characters more intimate moments, though a little dirty, were rather vanilla compared to what they could have been. Don't get me wrong though, this book was absolutely hot as hell.

There's a few sickly sweet eye-rolling moment throughout, but I really enjoyed learning about the characters and watching them grow as individuals and learning to coexist as a couple. There were plenty of dramatic stomach-clenching moments for those who are like me and prefer their books with lots of crazy misunderstandings and sexual tension. Pick it up today!


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