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Daddy's Heart by Measha Stone

Updated: May 17, 2020

Blurb: Samantha is starting over, this time in Chicago, and she needs a place to crash when she gets there. Luckily a family friend is hooking her up with a spare room. The catch? The room is in the apartment of an insanely hot guy. To make matters worse, he has every mannerism of a Daddy Dom that sets her imagination ablaze.

Ryder doesn't mind giving up his spare room to help out a friend. But, his friend didn't explain how attractive Samantha was, or how easily Ryder would become consumed with her. She's a friend of a friend- making her completely off limits.

But Samantha crosses the line and pulls him with her, sending them both down a new path. There's a past catching up to her, and he's going to be certain she stays safe. He'll take care of Sammy and give her everything she needs. More importantly, with his stern ways, he'll give her everything she deserves.

Review: I was first introduced to the Daddy Dom/Little Girl plot through Brianna Hale. I fell in love with her Midnight Hunter novel and scooped up her entire backlist without even reading the blurbs. When I started reading some of her earlier work I got an introduction into a subject I didn't know all that much about and it was like being throwing into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim. I was drowning in concepts I didn't quite understand, so I did some research and then was thoroughly able to enjoy the subject.

However, you needn't have to do that with Daddy's Heart by Measha Stone because it's the perfect introduction to daddies and little girls. It doesn't go too deep into the subject, rather it sort of rests on the general concept without pushing the boundaries for a newbie. I strongly recommend picking it up if you're thinking that it might be something you're interested in but you're not sure that daddies are for you (spoiler alert: they're amazing and everyone should be into them).

I really loved the dynamic between Ryder and Sammy. Of course, who doesn't love the whole surly man/peppy girl trope (literally I could read nothing but that trope for the rest of my life and die happy and satisfied). And maybe I'm biased, since I live in Chicago, but damn, I love a book set in my home city. All the references and locations have me wanting to pop outside and explore... if only I didn't have six hundred books on my TBR list (except if I didn't have six hundred books on my TBR list I'd be searching madly for books to add to my TBR list, so...).

The story revolved mostly around our hero and heroine, but there was an inkling of external drama and darkness towards the end that we received hints of throughout the story. So, if stories with limited background noise, a great focus on the H/h, and a gentle introduction to ddlg (daddy doms & little girls) is your thing, then you're going to love this book. Oh, and you have to like filthy mouths, spanking, and spirited heroines.


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