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Daddy Crush by Adriana Anders

I have always loved Adriana Anders' writing and so when I heard she was coming out with a Daddy book--a mother-fucking Daddy book y'all--I was like, "Sign me up immediately." When the ARC came through late Friday night I knew I would be finished by Saturday night...and when ten o'clock rolled around on Saturday night I put the book down and breathed a delicious sigh that went on a really long time.



I’m about to have my first kiss and I feel absolutely nothing. No excitement, no flutters, not even a glimmer of curiosity. That all changes when my bossy neighbor steps in and shows me how it’s done, just this once. But when the kiss that sets me on fire ends, it’s not enough. I want more. I want it all. And I want him to be the one.

Karl Showing my cute neighbor how to kiss is a terrible idea. But then kissing turns to sex lessons and things go too far. Problem is, I’m a bossy, possessive, dirty-talking guy, and what’s mine, I like to keep. Once I touch her, there’s no going back. Once I've had her, she's mine.

Review: Daddy Crush by Adriana Anders has everything. We have age-gap (he's 43, she's 25), we have inexperience (she comes from a very religious cult-like family), we have dirty-talk (yum), we have resistance (poor Karl doesn't want to be responsible for corrupting the innocent, little Jerusha), and we have amazing writing.

I loved this book from the very first page where Karl rescues his quirky neighbor, Jerusha, from a bad first-kiss. He just screams Daddy right from the get-go and doesn't stop screaming until the very end. He's gruff and rude and bossy, but he's not all bad. He's totally willing to help Jerusha learn all about sex out of the goodness of his own heart. Awww. What a sweetie.

From the start you get the idea that Jerusha is some innocent, sheltered young woman, but she's got a really big imagination when it comes to how she's going to lose her virginity...and with whom. I loved what a contradictory character she was. Just when you thought you had her pegged she'd surprise you (and Karl) by turning your expectation of her on their head.

The chemistry between Karl and Jerusha. Oh my god, the chemistry. Unmatched. Unparalleled. Romantic and filthy and sweet and sexy and loving and explosive. It was all these things and more. The Daddy stuff is kind of light (they use the word and theirs some sexy bossing around, but we're not getting too deep into the kink) which is perfect for my taste...and maybe for you, too?

The plot revolves mostly around the relationship between Jerusha and Karl, but there's some small family dramas and exciting secondary characters that I hope we'll get to explore in later books. I flew through this book, so if you're going to pick it up definitely block off a good three hours because you're not going to want to do anything else until you flip that last page.

Did I mention sex lessons? Because sex lessons. What are you waiting for?

Out 11/27/2020. Check it out.


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