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Cross My Heart by Avery Maxwell

Blurb: The moment I meet the incredibly sexy Dexter Cross, I know I'm in trouble. His intensity is electric, and I express a sass I thought was long extinguished. It's a shock to my system and seems to put Dexter on edge, which I like.

Teasing him appears to be my new favorite pastime.

Accepting the nanny position for Dexter's three children will be my fresh start in life, but the closer I get to Dexter and his children, the harder I know it will be to leave. I'm only meant to stay for a year, but all too quickly, Dexter becomes determined to break down my walls.

He thinks I can choose them and stay, but I know better. Dexter doesn't understand my kind of damaged. My scars run deep, but so does Dexter's determination. He has his eyes and heart set on me. Even our friends are joining in on this battle, a crazy bunch of misfits who cause chaos at every turn.

It's me against them, I'm just not sure who will break first.

Review: My main issue with this book is that I am a nanny. That may not seem like an issue to others (and honestly I thought I might be able to handle it), but I read this book like doctors watch ER, cringing the entire time at the unprofessionalism of both parties. They way he yelled during the interview, the flirting before she even had the job, the erection joke on day one of her job... all things that made my stomach turn. That said, it's not dissimilar to how CEOs must feel reading about themselves sexually harassing their assistants in romances novels so... I realize that these issues are a personal preference and I don't feel comfortable allowing it to affect my opinion of the book as a whole. But other nannies, just be warned that this book may not be for you.

Moving on, the rest of this book was pretty good. The writing was smooth, engaging, and entertaining, definitely the writing style that appeals to most readers. I think the insta-lust (quickly shifting to insta-love) will appeal to a lot of readers as well, although it moved a little quick for me, and it has some serious 50 Shades vibes with the older, wealthy hero who wants to care for the young, troubled heroine in his life, but it lacked the BDSM element, so don't worry about that.

Still, you're going to have a hero who does what he wants whatever he wants (including full on backgrounds checks into the heroine's past without her permission, visiting her hometown to speak with her family without telling her, etc)...I know that's a lot of my followers thang so there are plenty of you who will enjoy this type of hero. The heroine is strong--she was a social worker before she became a nanny--and there are many instances of her showcasing that strength against bullies, protecting her charges, and standing up for herself. An honorable woman who deserves some good shit happening in her life.

As a bonus, the secondary characters are entertaining with lots of funny group conversations as they attempt to help our hero woo his woman. They're all worthy of their own books, which they'll surely have, and the next book in the series is secret baby... so y'all will lose your minds over it!

If large/in charge wealthy heroes and strong, but submissive heroines in need of protecting, paired with lots of drama, are your thing then you'll enjoy reading Avery Mitchell's Cross My Heart.


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