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Crashed Out by Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is one of those authors I just cannot resist. There's only a twinge of money-related guilt every time I one-click on of her novels. She's always letting her readers know when her books are on sale and I keep scooping them up without a second thought.


Jasmine Taveras is the reason Sarge Purcell grabbed his six-string and bailed the hell out of New Jersey four years ago. She's the fuel for every song he's ever written-each one laced with bitter, hard-edged, hungry lust. Now, with his hugely successful band on temporary hiatus, Sarge is determined to prove to Jasmine that this "kid" turned into every inch the man she's always needed...

Men are slim pickings for a single factory girl in Hook, New Jersey...until tall, broad-shouldered hotness walks-or rather storms-into Jasmine's life. Sarge's return shouldn't affect her this way. He's her best friend's much younger kid brother, and the kind of rough, gritty, sexiness Jasmine has no right to taste for herself. Even if he lets her.

But lust is a blinding, insatiable force. And when it crashes, it will take both Sarge and Jasmine down with it...

Review: I found myself totally powerless to resist the .99 cent purchase of Crashed Out. The blurb alone had me buzzing, needing more.

I was babysitting last night--the kids long since in bed--when I finished up another book and reviewed my options. I could A. read some manga online, B. watch three hours of Masterchef, or C. get to reading this latest purchase. I chose C, figuring that if I wasn't into it I could just go back to Masterchef.

I didn't end up looking at the TV for the rest of the night. Crashed Out was hot from the very first page and it literally didn't cool off. This is one of those books that made my palms sweat from the flames licking off the words.

I know many books lately have been focusing on cool and aloof guys (who doesn't love 'em, right?) but Sarge is the very opposite. He's desperate for Jasmine, has been since he was a pre-teen, and he's going to have her. His internal dialogue is enough to have any female reader melting into a puddle on the ground. His need is entrancing.

It's Jasmine, our heroine, who desperately tries to keep the distance between them (too bad she sucks at it, or maybe too good). As a reader I understood her hesitance to start anything with this gorgeous man who spends his life on the road, but as a woman I wanted to slap some gosh darn sense into her and tell her to follow him to the ends of the earth and not look back. Women everywhere long for a man as devoted to them as Sarge... and eventually Jasmine couldn't deny it any longer. Phew.

The chemistry between Sarge and Jasmine is absolutely insane, but it's the writing that brings it all together. Tessa Bailey was writing flat out poetry when she typed out this masterpiece. Sometimes I'm positively baffled how someone can write something so dirty, so beautifully. A few times I actually stopped myself and had to reflect on her amazing word choice and her insane ability to weave a story.

As of 12/9/2018 the book is still only .99 cents on Amazon, so I suggest you don't delay and pick it up today. Click here.


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