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Challenge (Harris Brothers Book 1) by Amy Daws

The romance subgenres are getting really specific lately. Welcome to a British Sports Romance where the men are cocky and the sports references don't make a lick of sense to me. Still hilarious, still wonderful, still sexy as sin.

Blurb: He's her patient. She's his doctor. They shouldn't. But God, do they want to.

Camden Harris, the famously hot, hulk of a footballer is laid up in a London hospital. But his busted knee doesn't stop him from running his well-practiced game on Indie Porter--his redheaded spitfire of a doctor. She's not his type, not even close. But she could be the perfect distraction from the soul-crushing damage this injury could cost him.

Indie's tired of her naivety putting a target on her back. As a gifted child, she's let her education take the front seat her whole life. But a fling with a footballer like Camden might be just what she needs to grab life by the balls. And he could be the perfect guy for the plan she's been sitting on for over two years. But when feelings make a final play, there's no amount of medicine that can heal damage to their hearts.

Review: I downloaded this book during a momentary lapse in Amazon's judgement (aka. it was free) and it's been sitting on my Kindle for a couple weeks. I finally got around to reading it because I was desperate for some hot contemporary (I've been super deep in an erotica rabbit hole lately and needed something slightly lighter).

Amy Daws' writes fast moving stories with enticing plots and dynamic characters. Camden was an irritating S.O.B. to begin with and there was a brief moment were I wanted to brilliant Indie Porter to stalk off and leave him in the dust. But, of course, Amy Daws brings layers to her characters and it wasn't long before the tables flipped and the sweet, innocent Indie was the one I wanted to grab around the collar and shake.

The chemistry? Explosive. The dialogue? Witty and hilarious. The sex? ::insert drool emoji here::

I am 100% sure I've read another book in this series but I can't find it on my Kindle or in my Google Books and I'm starting to think I've imagined the whole thing. But if I didn't imagine it, then I'm pretty sure it was just as amazing. A whole family of sexy brothers? How can you resist?

Click here to scoop up your Kindle edition for only $3.99. And then prepare your wallet because you won't be able to resist buying the entire series.


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