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The Black Fox by Brianna Hale

Blurb: For fifteen years I was the Black Fox, the hero of Spain, the good-luck devil. I made my enemies dance to my tune and fall to my sword.

The day must come when every hero hangs up his cape, and for me, it was the day I outsmarted the curse. I would not die for love, because I didn’t love the woman I married. Valeria Hernandez didn’t love me.

Then I met her. Lolita. Fresh from boarding school, as beautiful as a rose’s thorn and poised to pierce my heart. Little Lo is as dangerous as sin and twice as forbidden. She hates me, but she loves her Black Fox. Her savior. Her devil in black.

How he loves to hear her call him daddy.

Review: I'll admit that I was hesitant to read Black Fox because of the adultery aspect--which I'm sure many of you checking the reviews might also feel the same way about since it's such a no-no in romance novels--but let me tell you that it ended up not being an issue at all. Zacharias and his wife are married on paper but, other than chaste kisses, hardly have anything romantic going on between them. They don't even share the same bedroom most nights. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to the meat of the review...

I'm not a die-hard Daddy fan. I mean, yeah, I'll read a book where the girl likes to call him Daddy, but Brianna Hale's books are the farthest down the daddy road that I've ever gone. Zacharias is Lolita's stepfather, but it isn't as naughty as you think given that she's eighteen and he's only been her stepfather for like a week. Still, it's taboo enough to give you what you're here for.

The Zorro-esque aspect of the novel was the best part! I loved the idea of a hero and villain residing within the same person, warring to be in control. The Daddy Dom and the Village Savior. His inner torment was positively delicious. And, of course, it was at hot as you'd think given it's got Brianna Hale's name stamped on the cover. The mark of what's sure to be devastatingly sexy.

The story wraps up quickly and succinctly. I would have loved a full length story, so obviously it was a little disappointing to have it just end like that, but I guess that's not really a complaint.

The only confusing part was the magical aspect of it. I sort of thought it was being used as a metaphor with the whole curse action, but it turned out there's real magic afoot up in here. I think that maybe that would have been easier to follow had I read more books in the series because they all follow the same overarching story idea. But, just go into it understanding that, and you'll do just fine.


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