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Starbreaker (Endeavor #2) by Amanda Bouchet

Blurb: Captain Tess Bailey and Shade Ganavan never wanted to be heroes. Now, revolution is in the wind and the universe on the brink of catastrophic war. Tess, Shade, and the remaining crew of the Endeavor are still the galaxy's Most Wanted. With the Dark Watch—and every bounty hunter known to humankind—scouring the known sectors for them, the situation couldn't be more desperate.

The clock is ticking. As their attraction builds and secrets are revealed, Tess and Shade must decide if they trust each other enough to plan their next move together. They could change the course of history…or at least bring hot water to the showers aboard the Endeavor. They'll just have to tackle one crisis at a time.

Review: It's so rare that a sequel is even better than the first book in a series, but somehow Starbreaker managed to outdo Nightchaser. Maybe it's because the hero and heroine are securely together which means there's sexual tension without that insane fear that somehow they won't end up together (am I the only one who worries about that in a romance novel? Like... they have to end up together. It's the law. So, why am I constantly freaking out thinking that last little break up is going to be real. Sigh.) Anyways... Starbreaker is sexy, suspenseful, and wickedly fun.

I've never been into science-fiction. Never watched Star Trek. Kind of watched Star Wars (the original trilogy because Luke had my pre-teen insides all twisted up for reasons I totally understand now, but didn't back then). I watched The Thing and really liked it, but that's because I love horror movies. But, anyways, when I read Nightchaser that all changed because I fell stupidly in love with Tess and Shade and their entire, wonderfully constructed galaxy.

I love a heroine with a tragic backstory, and even better when it's the world's best kept secret. Tess is strong and smart and brave. She's everything that a space heroine should be. A courageous captain out on a mission to save the galaxy from the horrifying Overseer. And Shade is a dream hero. I would break a thousand intergalactic laws just to have that handsome ex-bounty hunter arresting me. He threw away everything he'd ever worked for to have the woman of his dreams and isn't that all we want as romance readers? Insert intense heart-fluttering here.

And who knew I'd be so freaking invested in the secondary characters! Stubborn, heartbroken Jax and the brilliant botanist Fiona are going to haunt my dreams. Why is he being so difficult!? Why???? I need a spin off series for these two immediately.

Anyways, if space odysseys, fighting the ultimate bad guys, powerful heroines, and strong, sexy heroes are your thing, then you need to go pick up the first in this series, read it in the next three days, and then buy the second. Bouchet is proving she's adept at writing epic series.

Out April 28th, 2020. Order from to support your local independents!


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