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Mouth to Mouth by Tessa Bailey

Typical Tessa Bailey, tugging at my heart strings and making me wish I could fall into her mind, so she could write me into a story as hot as Mouth to Mouth. Seriously, I don’t know how the woman comes up with idea after idea and still manages to keep each book fresh and unique.

Mouth to Mouth is one of those love-at-first-sight, face-paced reads that alternates between sickly sweet and hot as Hades himself. I love a little love-hate relationship in my romance novels, but when Tessa Bailey gives you a love-love relationship you are going to love it no matter what you preferences are. I cannot reiterate that enough. I never thought I’d love a novel where the characters are desperate for each other from the first page, but god, it’ll be hard to go back to the regular push-and-pull that I’m used to from my hero and heroine.

I’ll be honest, you got to be in the right mood for our hero, Rory. He’s over-protective—although can you blame him with Ms. Near Death Olive?—and he’s… a lot. He’s a lot of emotion, a lot of insecurity, a lot overbearing at times. He isn’t a standoffish hero, but a desperately in love one. He was enamored with Olive and his feelings leapt off the page, forcing me to fall in love with him, too. My poor husband. His faults made him all the more real and it gave our heroine a chance to shine.

Olive isn’t looking for a bad boy, but she finds one in Rory. I loved that she was naïve in some ways (homeschooled with zero romance in her life), but oh-so-bright in others. She knew exactly what Rory needed to hear, but she wasn’t that shy, innocent virgin that we get so many times in books. She was book smart and street smart where it counted. And the girl knew what she wanted in bed, that’s for sure.

I always love Bailey’s work, but I can tell that this series is something special. I am obsessed with all the characters she introduces us to in Mouth to Mouth and I am foaming at the mouth for each individual story. I have already started harassing Tessa Bailey through social media and I only have to wait four more days for the next installment. FOUR DAYS TOO MANY, TESSA!

To pick up Mouth to Mouth for .99 click here.

Heat Stroke, the 2nd book in the installment, is doing a live release on March 18th, but you can add it to your Goodreads shelf by clicking here.


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