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Back to Black by Katerina Winters


Obsession College student, Everly Pengram, was trying to turn her life right side up again. Heartbroken, pregnant, and alone in a new town, Everly just wanted a fresh start.

Abducted Lured by her smile and driven by need, two brothers will stop at nothing to have her. It was supposed to be a simple bank robbery, get in and get out. With one look at her, plans changed. After years of searching, they finally found the perfect woman, and they weren’t going to let her get away.

Enslaved Ensnared by their strong, gentle hands, they demanded everything from Everly. Taking her freedom and forcing her submission, the two tyrants would stop at nothing until they claimed her heart.

Review: When I read the blurb for Back to Black: A Captive Ménage Romance I had two questions: what the fuck is this and how fast can I get my hands on it? I’ve mentioned many times that my interests range from light-hearted to hella dark. Back to Black is the oh-shit-that’s-questionable side of the romance spectrum.

This book is not for everything. There’s some non-consensual stuff, there’s some kidnapping stuff, and there’s the whole two-guys-one-gal situation. One of those things is hard enough to handle but all of them? That takes a special sort of reader.


I really liked some aspects of this book. Like Reid and Zane. Two hot guys vying for Everly’s attention? Yeah. I’d like that life. Sign me right up. Their warring personalities, their differing seduction techniques, their obsessive love for their woman, They were quite the pair.

For a pregnant lady Everly was certainly put up quite a fight against her handsome captors. And she didn’t give it nearly as quickly as I thought she might given Zane and Reid’s persistence. Part of me wished that she’d put up a little more of a fight, but only because my favorite part of any romance is the conflict. I’m a fight-picker through and through.

Honestly, the only thing I didn’t particularly like about this read was that I wanted some scenes to be drawn out more and some scenes. Like—without spoiling anything—the part where Zane and Reid work out their jealousy regarding Everly. I wanted, so wanted, to see her work to appease their jealous natures, but instead we got an off scene fight that did nothing to excite me! Whatever though. The rest of the book more than made up for it.

A very delicious read. The relationship between Zane, Reid, and Everly is the main focus of the book, so don’t come into this hoping for some good subplot action. And be prepared for plenty of sex (although disappointingly—and understandingly—there is no male/male action). Back to Black is a dirty novel. A very, very dirty novel.

Out now, click here to purchase for a mere 2.99 and get your read on.


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